30 December 2009

Year in Review

A few stats from 2009 and comparison to previous years.

year / max / min / avg
2005 / 174 / 156 / 165
2006 / 168 / 148 / 156
2007 / 169 / 160 / 165
2008 / 169 / 146 / 155
2009 / 155 / 142 / 148

Body fat (per scale; semi-reliable)
year / max / min / avg
2008 / 13.6 / 11.9 / 12.7
2009 / 10.8 / 8.1 / 9.6

Running miles:
2008: 490
2009: 210
Fastest 3.0 mile: 20:37

2009 bests:
Bench: 185
Squat: 245
Deadlift: 225

I should compare grocery bills as I'm sure that is up. Eating like a carnivore is expensive. A while back lipid panel results were posted in comparison to previous years. Nothing wrong there.

Just starting to think about goals, etc. for 2010.

29 December 2009

Holiday Summary

This kind of sums up the holidays: mostly good, but honestly Santa, I've strayed a little bit. First three weeks of December were especially good, but a little wine here, a little desert here. Oh well. Not all-out-sugar fest mind you, just a little holiday indulgence.

Outstanding sauvignon blanc with clam chowdah:
Parmesian crusted tilapia with lemon butter sauce with capers:
Surf and turf with hollandaise sauce:
And an upside down apple pie:
Pretty compliant Paleo wise the month of December considering the opportunities that were around, especially in the office environment.
Working on a year end summary and goals for 2010.

22 December 2009

Food Backlog

Camera food picture backlog, so here's a few new additions:

Grass fed beef, cilantro frittata with pico. Used some Trader Joe's grass fed beef, but wife and I both agreed that something tasted off about it. Doubt we'll buy that again.

Erno-supplied pork chops with apple chutney and asparagus:
Bison burgers with mango salsa and spaghetti squash:

Old standby london broil, red wine vinegar & garlic marinate. Running late tonite, so dinner wasn't ready til like 10pm...after a mostly IF day:
Picking back up with interval sprints at the gym and reducing time between sets. Also reducing overall time at the gym.
Scored a free scone around lunchtime for my first Paleo transgression this month. Ahh well, going to try to finish the month strong.

16 December 2009

Dodging Land Mines

Well, the eating season is upon us. So far through the month of December, I have stayed 99% Paleo compliant (3 bites of stuffing with the holiday lunch). Tried to bypass the carbs, but the cafeteria staff loaded up my plate. I told the dude serving the turkey "Load me up, bro." But he only gave me 1 extra slice.

The availability of free food this month is astounding including Christmas cookies, soda, no less than three sheet cakes for the holidays (1 retirement party, 1 holiday party, 1 from another meeting), etc.

Did an all-day intermittent fast and was still fasting when I went to someone's retirement party. Only foods available where candy and cake. I was asked no less than 4 times if I wanted a piece. "I'm fine with my water, thanks."

Did make it to the gym today for a quick workout. Actually saw someone else doing dumbell snatches and was impressed. Easy run and a few back exercises, but still not 100% after the accident. Scale still hovering around 150.

12 December 2009

Back over 10% and on the Sidelines

Been on the sidelines inactive recovering from car accident issues. Did make it to the gym yesterday for the first time in two weeks.

Today's body fat measurements:
Ab: 17.6 mm
Chest: 6.7 mm
Thigh: 6.0 mm
BF %: 10.5
Reflects and increase over last month but the same % as two months ago. ah well.

Other food bits of note: Found some coconut flour, so used that for a breading to coat some tilapia. cooked in coconut oil = delightful. Next time, I think I'll prepare a mango or pineapple salsa/chutney to complement it.
More grass fed beef. Got this cut from Springdell farms (Groton, MA). Went there looking for bacon and came back with beef. Got about a 20oz NY sirloin. Only marinated for a few hours but was one of the best steaks I've had in a while. Very tender and flavorful.
This morning's breakfast: eggs, pico and farm bacon thanks to Jeff. Interesting note is that the bacon didn't smoke or leave as much of the usual bacon aroma. Tasty!
Good visit with Jeff. Hammered down the following during his visit:
Caprese salad: destroyed
Approx 3lb marinated/grilled chicken breast: almost destroyed
7egg spinach quiche: destroyed
2lb bacon meatloaf: destroyed
spaghetti squash: destroyed.
Anyway, hopefully back in the swing at the gym soon.
As a side note, been making Dec a 100% paleo compliant month. So far, so good after 11 days, despite the landmines at work.

29 November 2009

Thanksgiving: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

One of the more interesting Thanksgiving breaks.

The Good:
- Actually lost 3 lb over the Thanksgiving break. Stayed pretty compliant paleo-wise and made a few meals for mom. She took us to a local veggie stand that was amazing. We picked up a bunch of stuff there. Here's a pic of about 1/3 of the stand, below.
- Weather was great in FL with highs in the 70's and 80's
- Managed to score some FAGE full-fat yogurt at the local Publix supermarket
- One day I went out for a run and got lost, but felt like I could run 10 miles. Ended up doing 3.5 in 25:50 according to mapmyrun.com.
- Caught up with the relatives and such.
- My 5 year old nephew powered down a whole turkey leg for dinner on Thanksgiving. Couldn't believe it. Maybe there is some Paleo promise there...

The Bad:
- yeah there were carbs-a-plenty to be had. I think I managed to only have a few nibbles and no pie or cake whatsoever.
- Funny, on the plane ride home, the snack choices were: cookies, peanuts, or pretzels. Why not just say "Carbs with sugar, carbs with bad oils, or carbs with salt". My wife asked if there was any fruit available and the stewardess looked at her like she was an alien.

The Ugly:
- sadly, we were involved in a traffic accident the afternoon after I went for a morning run. We were stopped at a light, but the guy behind us did not stop and slammed into mom's poor civic at approximately 35 mph. Had to go to the ER. Not fun. We're both feeling some residual soreness and pain. I'm just hoping there are no long term issues and that my mom gets everything squared away insurance-wise.

21 November 2009

Thanksgiving Break

Ok - going to take a week or so off from the gym to visit family. May bring the running shoes along to get some road time logged in sunny FL. Been having the urge for some chronic cardio lately, but nothing more than a 5k.

Went to the gym this morning and ran 3 in 23 and change. The chronic cardio is funny. I was positioned next to two people literally jogging on the treadmill. One guy (kinda pudgy) had already logged about 6.5 miles in 70 minutes according to the treadmill. The woman on the other side had already worked up a good sweat, but couldn't see her mileage since she had a towel over the display. So I started off at 7.5mph and ramped it up to 9.0mph by the end. Got off and did a few exercises with heavier weights.

So I'm getting ready to leave after about an hour at the gym and both those people were just getting done on the treadmill. The pudgy guy must have put in 10miles at <6mph. Woman was going a little faster, but just amazed me the time they put in.

Weight at 151 this morning. Been lurking over 150 for the past week or two. I'm not too concerned as my bf% went down last month. The caliper measurement post-holiday will be the watermark.

Anyway, back in about a week. I'm dreading the airports and the re-circulated airplane environment.

17 November 2009

Changes and Home Stretch for 2009

Things have been getting kind of routine at the gym. Been doing the DeVaney 15/8/4 protocol and not much has seemed to improve. Running has been sporadic. Diet has been about 85% compliant Paleo-wise, where it used to be more like 95%.

So, gym wise decide to revisit the 5x5 stronglifts program for a bit for a change. I know that will get tiresome, but I like the idea of emphasizing heavier progressive weights. Been also thinking of bringing a small notebook with me to the gym so I can remember what I do.

And now we enter the dangerous time of year. Technically it probably began before Halloween with all of the sweets available. Now we're really entering the danger zone with year end parties, time with family, etc. If there was ever a time for discipline it is upon us.

Been a good week so far and despite more free goodies at work, I've been pretty good about it. Hopefully this will carry over into next week and beyond with travel and time with some non-compliant family members.

12 November 2009

Roast II

Food Items

Despite the first roast being a bit on the rare side, that was quickly devoured. Shown here is the second roast (sirloin roast). Browned all over, salted, peppered and then into the oven at 225F with pan degazed, little bit of red wine (not enough, ran out), celery, onions.

About 4 hours in the oven uncovered and meat thermo was reading 160F. Obviously more cooked than the previous but a bit dry. And a bit tougher than I would have thought. Not bad overall.
A few slices with ghee-sauteed veggies. Oddly, the roast done-ness was defintely asymmetric. Can't remember which side was more done, but I suspec the liquid side was rarer than the top.

Senya made her famous marinara sauce with meatballs served over spaghetti squash. The squash was especially stringy that doesn't show in the picture.

Tonite I grilled some flank steak from the grass-fed purchase not long ago. Marinated and served with steamed cali. Wife loved it so much she ate the other half. That really turned out well with the sear / slow cook method, but was so thin it was done in less than 10 minutes.
Gym Rants:
Been getting to the gym a little more often and been trying to determine the minimum-meathead hour at some Gold's a little closer to my new office location. Seems like 2-4pm is the optimum time. After the lunch rush, but before the afterwork crowd rolls in. Been killing my shins with deadlifts (should include picture). Wanted to run today, but legs were still sore from squats and deadlifts.
A few more interesting sitings at the gym:
- heard a guy ranting away on his blue tooth in the locker room and wouldn't you know but he kept the thing in as he went out onto the gym floor. Guy was having an animated discussion (hand gestures and all) while doing the mandatory chest and arm exercises.
- saw another guy hitting the circuit training machines wearing a nice dress shirt, pants, and loafers. Now THAT is dedication. He was working up a good sweat too; wtf.
- did an extra set of deadlifts helping spot some guy. He got 205 on the bench for 4 without much problem, a fair amount of help on #5, and then a full on deadlift by me for #6. I couldn't believe he was going for that last one.
- still hovering around 149. Exercise weights haven't gone up in a while. seems like I've been in a funk lately.
- had a few troubles with IF attempts, but am going to stay the course on saying no to all the free sweets available at work.

04 November 2009


Been feeding off of the roast leftovers for two days now. Sauteed some slabs last nite in ghee, tonite in bacon fat. All with leftover veggies. Finally killed the thing after getting a solid six meals out of it.

Gym time yesterday and today. Highlights after almost a week off:
- ran easy pace 3.0 in 23:50
- upper body exercises still at status quo
- went to different Gold's today, what a state of disrepair that place is in. Broken lockers and equipment, but mid-day meathead traffic was down.
- emphasis on squatting deeper, but knee was protesting. Lighter weight (165)
- saw one dude exercising in khaki pants, loafers and a nice dress shirt. What are you thinking, man?
- may try yet a third Gold's tomorrow.

Body weight down to 147.

02 November 2009

9.9%, Rare Roast, etc.

Body fat measurement today, average of 3 measurements:

14.3 abdomen
7.0 chest
7.3 thigh
9.9%, which is actually down a bit from the last two months. Shockingly, the scale was over 150 this morning. No doubt due to the gluttony over the weekend celebrating the anniversary. Here I am on the brunch cruise.

On to the chuck roast (grass-fed, about 3.5lb). Salted and peppered while browning on all sides, then deglazed the pan with red wine, onions, celery and a pepper. Put in the oven at 250F with meat thermometer. After two hours I was shocked to see the internal temp at close to 100F. So, like a dumbass, I turned the oven down and super slow cooked it for the next three hours. Internal meat temp was riding right around 135-140F, so I wasn't too worried. But alas, it turned out extremely rare. Even too rare for my taste. Ahh well, live and learn. But it was extremely tender and the cooked veggies with the red wine were delightful.

No gym time today as I chose to battle the leaves in the back yard until the sun went down while the roast was cooking.

31 October 2009

Happy Halloween.

Yes it is the beginning of the eating season. From the sweet-laden Halloween, to Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is no wonder that the New Year weight loss resolutions are so popular. What is scary is the amount of refined sugar that will be handed out today.

Last year we provided low-value kids toys, etc., such as temporary tattoo kits, and such. Some kids didn't take anything and were wondering what the hell was going on. So I told the parents point blank that we were not going to contribute toward the obesity epidemic. Most parents nodded in agreement and others said nothing. Regardless they all know they can just get their fill at the neighboring houses. Oh well.

Nonetheless, hope the kids have a safe and enjoyable Halloween!

Some ideas to hand out to the kids as candy alternatives:

- swedish meatballs

- steak, chicken, lamb tips

- tripe strips

- asic made from beef tallow and lard

- pork rinds

- fish oil tablets

- kettle-bell instructional pamphlets, etc.

30 October 2009

Grass Fed

Finally got around to cooking some of the grass fed beef picked up on Tuesday. Shown is half of the piece of sirloin steak with squash medly and mushrooms. Squash etc. sauteed in the grass-fed ghee and a bit of evoo. Several observations about the beef.

It was much more tender than the super-market jockey-whipped horse flesh they peddle. Even before the balsamic marinate, the fork easily pierced the meat. It also cooked a lot faster than other cuts. I had the meat thermo in the center and as I went out to check it, the internal temp was already 143F - past the 130-ish medium rare range. So a bit over-cooked on my part. Must be having an off week, since I forgot to season it as well. All that aside, it was very tasty and have some leftover for breaky tomorrow.

Nothing new to post at the gym. Work demands and other things have kept me away since Monday. Too many food land-mines around lately with Halloween approaching, and I've stepped on a few lately (doh!)

26 October 2009

Trader Joe's Haul

Stopped by Trader Joe's to pick up various things. Items of interest include almond butter, unsalted unroasted macadamias, uncured bacon, and Kerry Gold butter from grass-fed cows.

Grilled some turkey filets with flax seed oil. Jury is out whether the flax seed oil is a bad actor. Did up the spaghetti squash a little differently. Prepared and cooked cut-side up and brushed with some melted butter. The squash soaked that stuff right up and really added more of a moist, mellow taste.

Was up at 0430 this morning to drive to Logan airport. Shocking how many cars are on the road at 0500. Also didn't help that two tractor trailers and a car plowed into a toll booth. But that was on the other side of town.
Leftover quiche from this weekend for breaky, skipped lunch but didn't make it to the gym until meathead hour. Place was packed, but I just varied upper body routine to whatever was open. Managed last set of dips with +50lb hanging weight. Went for a slow paced run for 3.0 miles in 23:50. First time in a long while done any chronic cardio.
I was thinking of Smoke since someone nearby had some toxic BO and he had written extensively about someone with that condition at his gym. Thankfully they left after about 5 minutes on the treadmill. Had to laugh at another guy doing 2.0 mph on the treadmill followed by the mandatory ab crunches. Then he hits the tanning booth (what's the obsession?!) and takes a well-deserved shower after that exhausting workout.
At least later in the day there is more comedy, but 5-6pm, the place is jammed. I've given up trying to restack weights as I go. It is hopeless.
148 on scale and tabita said <9%>
Also, local food maven Zach recommended a local place that has grass-fed beef to order, like carte blanche. This is good for us since no freezer = limited space. I ordered a 20 lb sampler platter and will pick it up tomororow. Guy running it is Steve Normanton and he has some good recipes on his site as well.

22 October 2009

Various Items

Made one of my favorites, via rolled up balsamic-marinated flank steak with provolone, baby spinach and mushrooms. Was thinking of browning it first, but it was about a 6" diameter cylindrical hunk of meat held together with the last of the butcher's twine: unwieldy. So, no braising per se today. Into oven at 300F for about 90 minutes. Tender and flavorful - another wife-pleaser. Saute/roast cauli with more ghee and some new evoo and garlic. Already looking forward to lunch tomorrow.
Been out of town for a few days on business. Local Marriott did have and exercise room. Where do they get this equipment? I think some of it was designed by ergonomic idiots. Actually some pieces of equipment were damn dangerous with things getting stuck, worn components, etc. Managed to kill an hour or so in there. Tried to burn out the motor on the treadmill, and despite it's high pitched whine of protest, it held true.
Back home and back to the Meathead home base today. Banged out some more 225 squats and leg work. No run. Funny how I saw 1 meathead idolizing himself in the locker room mirror. Big enough guy, but the beer gut is doing well also. Meathead #2 was miffed since meathead #1 was hogging all the time in the tanning booth. People, please! Just take your smelling salts and GTFOH.
Neither meathead looked anything like Sandow (below) who's on the cover of Muscle Smoke and Mirrors. Now that guy looks friggin ripped. Through the first few chapters of the book, describing the Physical Culture and history of body building.
All day IF today and still hovering around 147 lb.

16 October 2009

Ghee Whiz

More food love.

Simple egg scramble: listed in order added to pan
butter or evoo, 1 onion, spoon full of garlic, 2 bell peppers, handful of minced/chopped spinach, 1 lb grass fed beef, 6 eggs (Nellies, not bad for supermarket grade):
Got ghee (grass fed) today, thanks to the local food maven, and immediately put it to use.
Stuff wasn't on the counter for 5 minutes before the cat damn near attacked it (i.e., licking the side and rim).

Cooked a small 3 lb boneless turkey breast (with cilantro-lime marinate) and sauteed some veggies in ghee. Gravy provide with turkey was super salty. Ghee was fantastic, but more concentrated than I thought. Have to use a little lighter hand next time.
Marinate I used was from Appalachian Naturals that was at the local butcher shop. Stuff has mostly natural ingredients with the only questionable actors being agave nector and no so sure about sunflower oil. But, unlike many other sauces, etc. this stuff has zero sugar.
Did hit the gym for 3 days of 4 available this week. Sadly it was later in the day and prime-time for meat heads. Funny how between sets or whatever, I try to organize the weights to where they are supposed to go (my anal-retentive personality kicking in). I'll go in the next afternoon and it is back to random placement by morons who put the 45's on the pegs where the 10's are supposed to go...if they put plates back at all. Even funnier is that the gym fired the one kid who actually did some work around there.
Slightly off the reservation day on Thursday from customer meeting. Heading to NY to visit a vendor next week, but will stop and see my bro Jeff, en route.

13 October 2009

Schnitzel Misfire and 225 Trifecta Goal

First off with the food pics.

After enjoying the Schnitzel at an Oktoberfest celebration a few weeks ago, I thought I'd try my hand at it. More or less followed this recipe to make the breaded veal cutlets, but used almond meal instead and fried in canola oil vs. lard. Have to say I was not impressed; it turned out fair, but was not the delicacy I was hoping for. Made with some aspragus on the side. The wife is going to get a real recipe right from a friend in der Vaterland, so may be revisiting this attempt.

Tonite's meal was much better with chicken w/balsamic & evoo and grilled eggplant with tomatos and mozzarella.

Did an IF today and hit the gym late today due to work, etc. A lofty goal at the beginning of the year was to hit 225 for bench, deadlifts, and squats. Squats are no problem. Did 225 x 3 on Sunday and actually hit 245 earlier this year. Got 225 x 2 for deadlifts today. Actually did that 1 other time previously this year. Bench is still a problem. I may have squeaked out 195 once late last year, but lately 1RM has been hovering around 175.

Getting back into 1 minute interval sprintts and haven't done a chronic cardio test since the August race. Weight still hanging around 147.

06 October 2009

Biggest Loser Rant

Well, I think we are done done done with this show. It was appealing at first for the simple reason that it was inspiring to see such morbidly obese people turn their lives around. But the emphasis on calorie counting drives me insane. At one point this week, the trainer Jillian said to someone "Don't worry about the sugar, worry about the calories!" This is the polar opposite of how I see things.

Then the contestants were 'forced' to eat every meal at a restaurant for a week. Oh woe is us! Good lord, this would be fantastic. They are the paying customers and can order whatever they want per their specifications. It would be great to take a week off of cooking. Not that I mind it, but it would free up gobs of time with shopping, prep, and cleanup.

Another contestant was in a state of panic since she couldn't go to the gym on doctor's orders. She lost 4lb without 1 step on the treadmill. Gee, think nutrition may have something to do with that?

Finally, the no/low fat theme is wearing thin. Banishing things like olive oil and cheese.

I think we'll just start tuning in for the last 15 minutes to see the weight loss.

05 October 2009

Body Fat Measurement

Latest measurements as follows with previous two months:

Aug / Sep / Oct

Chest: 6.0 / 7.3 / 7.0 mm
Ab: 16.0 / 19.0 / 17.3 mm
Thigh: 6.0 / 8.0 / 6.0 mm
BF%: 9.8 / 11.7 / 10.5

So, still not quite back to pre-fishing trip numbers, but I'll take the decrease.

03 October 2009

Just Food

Only made it to the gym twice this week as other things have kept me occupied. But did make a few pic-worthy meals:

London broil with sauteed veggies. Marinated in straight-up balsamic for about 10 hours (should have waited longer), seared on the grill (450-500F) for 1 minute per side, then cooked at low heat for about 20 minutes. Nice brown sear on outer 1/4" with a great medium-rare finish on the inside:
Weather was lousy this morning, so took some time to make a nice spinach quiche with cheddar and Monterey Jack. Senya liked it so much she had two pieces for breakfast and another for dinner.

Still down a few lb from previous week high, despite lack of gym time.

01 October 2009

Embrace the Pig

I don't know why the pig is so maligned. Cloved foot? Bristled hide? Filthy habits? I don't know. But it tastes wonderful. Continuing the Oktoberfest celebration (in September) with some fried bratwurst and eggs. Bit of sauerkraut on the side. Not a bad combo, but some may not like the taste.

Continuing with the pig theme, I made a bacon meatloaf with steamed cauliflower. The bacon really makes the meatloaf. I really just shot from the hip on the recipe, and it turned out great. Here's the ingredients:

2lb grass-fed ground beef
1 small onion
8 mushrooms
1 bell pepper
(onion, mush, & pepper sauteed in butter before adding to meat)
6 strips of bacon, fried and crispy
2 shredded carrots
1 egg
1/4 cup of almond meal
mix and bake at 350 for about 50 min.

Finally the gym is clearing out. Must be the kids heading back to school or something. Walked in there at 3pm and there was 1 other person there (on the elliptical naturally). Went up in some weights via 15/8/4. Legs were still feeling the inroads from squatting 225 on Monday, so no run.

Surely as crappy choices last week made the weight go up, three straight days of puritan Paleo living have dropped 4. Picked up some veal patties today at the meat store so Schnitzel is coming!

29 September 2009

Mark's Daily Apple Take on the Biggest Loser

He sums it all up here. How TBL methodology for weight loss is flawed and how they are striving more for the shock and awe value (i.e., jumping the shark).

Some Food Pix

After getting some love from Marc at Feel Good Eating (Thanks Marc!), I feel obligated to post some recent food pix. Now Marc can cook and always has new ideas for Paleo-friendly meals; I'm just a hack. But if I can make some of this stuff, anyone can.

From this last weekend, we attended the local Schnizelfest. Stood in line for about an hour and a half for the following meal. Didn't mind; band playing, nice day out, etc. Although the wife almost got taken out by a large woman (240lb) who almost fell into us while slammin some Coke down. But that's a rant for another day.

Anyway, what we have here is going clockwise from nearest-beer location is knockwurst, bratwurst, sauerkraut, potato salad (with bacon - I swear I only had a taste), breaded & grilled schnitzel. Although the grilled schnitzel was overcooked and dry, the rest was pretty damn good. As a matter of fact, I cooked some brats on Monday to keep the Oktoberfest celebration going. Look for my attempt at schnitzel in the future.

Next we have some Ribeye with sauteed onions and peppers, caprice salad. In talking with the local food maven, he indicated that it is the acidic liquids like vinegar and lemon juice that really help to break meat down that makes it more tender. So I soaked the ribeye in some balsamic vinegar for 1+ days. Threw on grill via sear each side, then slow cook and viola! Was probably a pretty tender cut of meat to begin with, but damn near cut-with-a-fork tender.

Then there's today's standard Paleo fare: meat and veggies. Grilled steak tips and steamed broccoli. Been thinking more and more about making more of my own marinates. A lot of the store bought ones are just loaded with sugar. And this is also true of the pre-marinated stuff from the meat shop.

28 September 2009

Paleo Regression

Well the scale had been sneaking up the last few weeks and today it hit 150. Hadn't been there since March and it was as low as 141 about 8 weeks ago. (I'm 5'10" for those keeping notes or anyone who cares). And I don't think I've packed on 9 lb of muscle.

Been a little toooo careless with the diet of late. Think it started out with the Hedonistic fishing trip, then a snack here, a few labor day parties, some other festivals where there were too many temptations and here we are. Good time for self-examination. It seems like there is always some get together or free food at work that I know I should not be eating. And a little cheating here and there adds up.

So, apparently I have to return to the mantra of Constant Vigilance and kindly say no thanks to the temptations. Or WWJED? Or WWSTBFD? etc.

No gym time since Friday due to work and other obligations, but back is packed and ready for tomorrow.

20 September 2009

Eat Your Carbs, Bitch!


Pet peeve a): people who operate an automobile oblivious to the world around them including other drivers;
Pet peeve b): people who use the automobile as their personal restaurant. Sit down at a table and enjoy your food!

So, we're cruising through a parking lot trying to navigate to a local meat shop when this woman in an SUV pulls out in front of us facing in our direction and blocks our path. We're sitting there wondering what the hell is going on when I say outloud "Come on, lady! Let's go, while we're young!". At this point, the woman reaches over to the passenger seat and brings a big old pizza slice up to her mouth and chomps down on it - all while still blocking our path. This prompts my wife to utter another comment which was "Yeah, eat your carbs, BITCH!". I just had to laugh out loud. Finally we got around the clueless soccer mom and spent about $150 in meat for this week's enjoyment.

Okay ... in other news. Been feeling some good progress back with EF 15/8/4. Made it to the gym 4 times last week with a few intervals. Intervals were limited after doing squats one day that left me pretty sore.

Saw the lovely Jillian doing a show on QVC while channel surfing. She was pimpin her fitness CD's and actually had some good points about aerobic weight training and explosive movements. Plus she talked a bit about leg exercises as being worthwhile due to the increased growth hormone response from this large muscle group. Why this stuff never makes it onto the dialogue of Biggest Loser is beyond me.

Nonetheless, it made me think to increase the tempo of my 15/8/4 to cut down on the rest intervals and speed up my workout. Will be mindful of that this week.

19 September 2009


Have not felt like writing much lately. Still getting to gym and eating right. Just not much to say lately.

15 September 2009

Biggest Loser Time Again

Can't help watching Jillian and Bob try to whip these people into shape. A few observations for this season.

- Wondering if this show has jumped the shark. Even larger people, more intense harrassement by the trainers, etc.
- Is America getting fatter than ever? At least four people over 400 lb, with 1 woman topping out at 476!
- One woman could not even complete a 1 mile run; put her in the hospital for a week
- The mentality that the motivated ones 'can do this on their own' at home nauseates me. So the not-as-motivated ones get rewarded by staying at the ranch. We must equal the field, you know!
- Very saddening to see people in their 20's with such poor health.
- Again, tired of the show pimping all kinds of products, dictating the calories in - calories out mantra, glossing over nutrition.

Anyway, more sprints and 15/8/4 for me at the gym.

10 September 2009


Never forget September 11th... I don't have the words to eloquently discuss what 9/11 means. But I'd suggest a little self-reflection.

Blood Work, etc.

Blood work results in and comparison to previous years:

Year: 2005 / 2007 / 2008 / 2009
CHOL: 168 / 163 / 161 / 161
TRIG: 98 / 100 / 29 / 36
HDL: 24 / 38 / 46 / 49
LDL: 125 / 117 / 120 / 116

LDL reading didn't have particle size discriminator. Curious how similar my panel is to last year and to wife's numbers.

I'm more convinced that some at the gym are using some un-natural assistance. One dude there who's about my size. I'd run into him a few years back at another gym, but now this dude is benching like 250. Of course, he's still glued to the cell phone, just like previous years and can't bother to re-rack weights...just like previously.

Also watched an intersting show on BBC regarding some normal weight women trying to slim down to fit in size-00 jeans by trying various crazy diets. One resorted to binging and purging and required psychological help. When the 5 week experiment was done, they immediately binged like crazy and put some of the weight back on immediately. They were going through hell only ingesting 1000 calories or less per day, had zero energy, etc. There's a better way people!

08 September 2009


Tonite's dinner. Marnated steak, sauteed mushrooms in butter and garlic, grilled eggplant, spinach salad with mozarella:

Did make it to the gym. Diggin the EF 15/8/4 protocol like getting reaquainted with a long lost friend. Also getting used to weight training first, followed by intervals second.

Body weight still up a few pounds after fishing vacation - 146 today.

05 September 2009

Getting Back in the Swing

Been getting back into the swing of things. Some changes of note:
- back to intervals for a while with the occassional chronic cardio
- switching (back) to 15/8/4 ef methodology
- going to try to set up some kind of spreadsheet to track results so that I'm not typing over and over here (actually do this already for running which goes back years)
- as always, try to up the intensity. Smoke is always good for motivation. That guy is on a mission.
- switching to doing cardio after weight training
- catch up on superhumanradio + other blog traffic

Legs and triceps at gym today followed by intevals. 145 on scale. Went to a co-worker's cookout and had some great beer (Hoegaarden), which is a fantastic white beer. Has a hint of wheat and lemon. A little bread for burger and dog.

01 September 2009

Fishing Trip Payback

Two weeks of sorta-non-complance reveals itself via monthly body fat calculation:

chest: 7.3 mm
ab: 19 mm
thigh: 8 mm
= 11.7%

Compared to last month of

chest: 6 mm
ab: 16 mm
thigh: 6 mm
= 9.8%

Guess I have to get with the program.

At gym today:

Mixed it up and did weight training first and then some intervals on the treamill
deadlifts, back, and curls + interval 'sprints' of mainly 9 mph, but legs were so stiff from squats yesterday and deadlifts today, that couldn't go much faster.

Time for an IF

Fair amount of time away from the gym in the last few weeks and starting to get back into the groove. Also had not done a 24 hour IF in a while, so today was the day! Weight this morning was still hovering around 147.

At gym:
- ramping back up on interval sprints, 2 min walk at 4 mph, 1 min run at 9.0/9.0/9.5/9.5/10.0/10.0/10.5/10.5/11.0/11.0 mph, etc. Running sprints felt great. Was also catching up on past episodes of superhumanradio. Several good ones I missed.

Did a exercises in 15/8/4 fashion
- squats: 135/165/185, legs were really tight
- leg extensions 85/100/115
- triceps pulldown 100/110/120
- dip machine 85/100/115
- floor wipers 10/10/4

Also noticed the gym had a member's appreciation day on Sunday including bagels and pizza on the menu. I actually mentioned this to one of the trainers and he just shook his head in sympathy. Seems like the flood of meatheads continues with dudes working out in doo-rags and Timberland construction boots.

30 August 2009

Lazy Weekend; Just Food

No gym time this weekend. Just enjoying the weather and running errands.

Last nite's dinner, ad-lib Paleo meatloaf
- 2 lb grass fed ground beef
- 4 slices of farm raised bacon
- 1 yellow onion
- 2 carrots shredded
- 1 small bell pepper
- freshed minced cilantro
- chopped garlic
- celery
- almond meal

Into oven at 400 for about 35 min. Had some mozzarella slices + tomatoes with balsamic on the side:

Primal pancakes this morning. Wife got the recipe right off of Mark's Daily Apple:
Found this picture on the hard drive of a fruit salad I made a while ago, but don't think I posted it. Real simple:
- 1 pineapple
- 1 cantaloupe
- 1 melon
- grapes
- strawberries
- blueberries

147 on scale this morning. Weather is too nice out; going for a bike ride.

29 August 2009

Better Half's Lipid Panel

My better half just got her blood results back from her physical. We've both been pretty Paleo-compliant for over a year (ignore my hedonistic vacation). Her results:

CHOL: 176
TRIG: 38
HDL: 71
LDL: 99

Have to get my blood work done shortly. Will be interesting to see the results.

27 August 2009

Back From Fishing

Well back from fishing in Ontario with the in-laws for a week. Hammered on a bunch of walleye. Too many to count the number of fish on the line. Mostly 1-2 pounders, but Bill landed a 4-pounder; nice fish.

Here's the haul on the first day that we kept for dinner:

Fried walleye shore lunch with bacon, mushrooms, peppers, potatoes (yeah non-paleo, but whatever). Tasted great.

Made a pair of massive six egg omelettes with ham, bacon, sausage, cheese:
In addition to a lot of beer, are some of Canada's best poutine = french fries with cheese curds and gravy:
All in all, a relaxing trip - despite being stranded on the lake and the usual airline hassles. Ventured a bit off of the paleo plan and the scale was up to 149 this morning. But I'm back on track today.
Went to the gym and ran some intervals and did some EF 15/8/4.