08 January 2009

Better Workout

Partial fast today - skipped lunch and cruised to the gym instead. A couple of new faces talking on cell phones and texting, but pretty calm in the early afternoon.

Interval sprints of the usual 9/10/11x7/10 mph for a minute each with a 4 mph 2 min rest in between. Covered 3 miles in 26:47. Then did 1 minute of 'manly planks' plus 1 minute on each side. Legs still stiff from squats yesterday, so it wasn't a complete wash despite the raid on the taco cart.

Continued 5x5 with:
Deadlifts: 175#
Seated Rows: 120#
Lat Pulldowns: 120#
Dumbell Rows: 65#
Military Press: 70#

Getting tougher and feeling it more the following day. The next few weeks will be challenging.

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