17 January 2009

Better Workout

Felt some kind of cold/headache come on yesterday in the middle of gym time, so I dropped back and punted. Much better today.

Ran 5 interval sprints, 10/10.5/11/11.5/12 mph. A few more weeks on the 5x5. Although I'm making gains in some exercises, some are still hitting limits and I'm starting to get antsy about getting back to the DeVaney protocol, or something different. Anyway, despite the knee complaints (better also today), I did 5 sets with 5 reps unless otherwise noted:

Squats: 180
Bench press: 175 5/5/3/-/-, one more try at this next time
Leg press: 320
Calf press: 320
Incline flys: 40

Plus a few manly planks and a few sets of dips.

Planning on cruising to the A-Market (http://www.amarketnaturalfoods.com/) to pick up some grass fed beef, flax seed oil, almond meal, plus any thing else that strikes us. Place is a bit pricey, but some of these items are not carried supermarkets. Whole foods is not bad, but they are expensive also and seem to cater to a higher tax bracket.

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  1. That Market sounds awesome. We will need to visit when we come out your way to visit.