31 January 2009

BF Update and Gorge Weekend

BF Update.
About once a month, I try to take a body fat measurement. Last month the ab/chest/thigh caliper readings were 18/8/4 mm for a BF% of 10.3%. Today they were 15/8/4 for a BF% of 9.3%. So some ab improvement, but that area is stubborn. Shockingly, the Tanita scale was in agreement and said 9.7%. Weight has been hovering around 150 (150.6 today) for at least a month.

Exercise - Saturday
In light of this morning's 15/8/4 measurement, I just had to do the DeVaney EF 15/8/4 protocol (http://www.arthurdevany.com/webstuff/images/RevisedEssay.pdf). However, I modified things a bit by incorporating fast, explosive movement for all exercise. Well fast enough to maintain good form and hit the reps.

No running again today. Good to take a break, but I'll probably go for a run on Sunday.
Deadlifts: 135/155/185
Renegade rows: 20/25/30
Mil press machine: 55/70/85
DB press: 5/10/12.5 - light weight since the right shoulder is still wonky
Curls - didn't look at the weights, but I think the bars were 35/45/55?
Close grip pulldowns: 85/100/115

Really felt great leaving the gym. Probably could have stayed there another hour; had that good amped up mojo going.

Exercise - Friday
I know I did some sprints, and a quick 25 rep/exercise workout, but it was such a hectic day all around with work and guests arriving that I'm drawing a blank....and that's why I try to update this on a regular basis.

Nothing special for breakfast or lunch Friday or Saturday - other than it was Paleo friendly. Brother in law Geoff was good enough to clear out a path to the grill through the snow and ice. Grill hasn't been fired up in about a month, so you know where this is going.

Friday dinner:
- chicken with oil and vinegar. Seared for 30 sec/side then turned down the heat and slow cooked on the grill = Crispy outside, moist and juicy inside.
- also grilled some asparagus, yellow and green squash - all with EVOO and cracked pepper.
- plus a big honkin spinach salad with a bell pepper, tomatoes, pine nuts, slivered almonds and a handful of fresh minced cilantro
Splendid meal overall with a few beers

Saturday dinner (Geoff and Christina helped):
- sirloin beef kabobs with mushrooms, tomatoes, bell peppers, pineapple, marinated in a teriyaki glaze plus fresh ginger
- more grilled asparagus with EVOO, minced ginger, cracked pepper, basil
- grilled eggplant sliced into planks, lengthwise, with a combo of EVOO, flaxseed, and a touch of sesame oil, plus cumin
- roasted cauliflower with garlic, EVOO and cracked pepper
- another big honkin salad with hearts of romaine, tomatoes, pine nuts, and a bell pepper
results = another feast, had two big plate fulls + 1 beer and some dark chocolate after dinner.

Well I've bored the people enough. Tomorrow is another day.

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  1. Hey Bro,

    That is awesome you are well below 10% now. Great job. Those meals look awesome. I am jealous that you have access to your grill. Mine is buried pretty deep. The hot to sear then low and slow sounds like a good idea. I am going to do that tonight with a couple of T-bones(feed lot beef, but at least it was on sale). I have tried the slow then hot to brown but I find that overcooks on the inside. I will try your method.

    BTW, not bored at all. It is great to hear what you do and get ideas for myself.

    One other thing, I hope you can post the experiences with a vegan staying with you sometime. I would love to hear about that.