08 January 2009

Broken Ketosis

Had every intention to do an IF yesterday. Was cruising along til lunchtime when someone says "hey - someone left the taco cart out in the hallway!". Long story short, I hammered down three soft tacos, 2 chicken, 1 beef - with the only bad actor being the actual flour tortilla.

A couple hours later I went to the gym and felt like a complete slug. Didn't do interval sprints. Pretty quiet workout and didn't feel like superman when I left. Wasn't a complete waste, but not the best workout either.

Still marching on in 5x5 fashion:
Squats, 170#
Leg press, 305#
Calf raises, 305#
Bench press, 170#
Cable flys, 50# - had to substitute these in since the high school kids were preoccupying weights and benches.

One of the kids was benching 215 and had the great form of trying to touch the ceiling with the belly button. His back looked like the St. Louis Arch. I felt like saying something, or recommending a chiropractor, but decided to just mind my own business.


  1. Take a look next time you go to the store how many grams of carbohydrate are in a single tortilla. Also look at the ingredient list. I doubt you will eat that stuff again.

    We found some low carb ones that aren't much better but at least have one 5 net carbs per tortilla.

    Nice workout, BTW.

  2. Good to know. They look so innocent, but next time I'll just load up the plate with protein.