12 January 2009

Hitting Limits

Kind of a busy weekend, plus another 8" of snow - on top of the 2" of ice that won't come off the walkway despite my primal chipping at it with the shovel. Anyway, was in a training class regarding optomechanics today so I didn't get to the gym til about 6:30.

Whammo - packed indeed. I'm usually a lunchtime or early afternoon patron, so I was shocked at the attendance. Almost every piece of cardio equipment occupied.

Nonetheless, I soldiered on and did 5 interval sprints before heading to the squat rack. Going to stay with the stronglifts 5x5 program til the end of the month and then switch back to the DeVaney EF 15/8/4 protocol. It has been interesting and I feel I've made some gains. It is starting to get tough with today being the first day I fell short of the 5x5.

Did 5x5 squats with 175, but my knee was really killing me toward the end (stupid ski injury), then did 5/5/5/4/1 for bench with 175. Ugh. Have to repeat this. Tried the leg press, but my knee said "no, thank you", so I did some calf work, inclined flies with 40's and some dips.

Spinach salad for lunch with chicken. Chicken plus asparagus for dinner tonite, plus a boat load of pistachios and some dark chocolate.

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