13 January 2009

Low Carb Links

I stumbled across a few interesting links of note. The first one discusses common low-carb myths that are used by opponents of low carb. It also has a low-carb food pyramid - which is refreshing.

Wikipedia has a great description - better than my writing skills:

Discussion of the Atkins diet - I just don't agree with the limitation of fruits and veggies or the structured carb counting :

And finally, the Paleo, or Stone Age Diet:


  1. Great summary. I hadn't seen those links before and they are really good. The particle size thing is important I think. The LDL for myself, my brother, and my Dad all wen't up big time, but if the particle size if larger then it means we are better off.

    Another thing I don't like about Atkins is the junk food. It seems like if the junk food is "low carb" then it is deemed ok. People just eat that instead of real food that is far better for you. You see this on some low carb sites with ads for diet drinks and low carb candy bars, etc. I would rather eat real food 98% of the time rather than filling up on the low carb junk. I also don't see carb counting as sustainable. No one is going to forever count their carbs to make sure they are in ketosis. Eat the right foods and I think all this takes care of itself.

    Thanks again,


  2. The Wiki link discusses the impact of low-carb driving down sales of Krispy Kreme and made Coke come out with its low-carb version of the soda. But those low carb substitutes are just replacing one bad actor with another (IMHO).

    It is so simple - just eat naturally!

  3. I did the Atkins induction once for the two weeks that it suggests and by the end of it I felt like a mental patient with all the counting. I was sizing stuff up and determining its worth entirely based on carb count. "Hmm, I could eat this extra broccoli, but this sugar free popsicle has fewer carbs so I'll eat that instead." I felt that way lay madness.

  4. Elizabeth - that's one of the things that's so great about Paleo. No counting or points, or weighing meals, etc. It is unbelievable how much I eat and I don't count calories one bit.

    Someone said to me once "You don't need to count calories", and basically responded that it was because I try to eat correctly. Some days, I would guess that I'm well over 3000 calories. If people would just put down the donut and pepsi, they would see the light.

    I know someone else on Weight Watchers and they use the point system. So one could have eat something like 4 twinkies for their entire nutritional intake over the course of the day and still be in compliance with their plan.