26 January 2009

Monday Dinner

After an intermittent fast Monday made Green Chicken (http://cavemanfood.blogspot.com/2008/10/green-chicken.html) plus some roasted cauliflower (http://www.elise.com/recipes/archives/000933roasted_cauliflower.php) for dinner. Plenty of nuts for desert.

Cauliflower turned out awesome. Didn't spare the garlic or the extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). The chicken turned out a little salty due to the seasoning, but it was good also. Had three pieces!


  1. Off topic - you didn't happen to write an email about the Steelers to Weei's morning show this morning did you?

  2. Mark - I did not. The only part I even caught on weei was the "24" redux.