20 January 2009

More 5x5 Plus IF

Wife cooked some grass-fed beef with onions last nite and it was quite tasty. First time we've had it and it definitely has a different taste than grain-fed beef. Had some steamed asparagus also plus some macadamia nuts afterward.

Decided to do an intermittent fast today, so haven't eaten since then. Went to the gym and did:

interval sprints: 9/10/11x7/10 mph
Bench press: 175# - finally got 5 sets of 5
Squat: 185# - first set felt great, but knee was uncooperative for set two so aborted that exercise
Leg press: 340#
Calf raise: 340#
Incline flys: 45#
plus a couple of sets of dips.

Came back to work from the gym and saw some leftover chow in a conference room. People were raiding the cookies and potato chips (ahhh, behold the power of insulin!). I took a pass. Looking forward to raiding the fridge for leftovers tonite! Seems like after an IF, I'm eating for an hour and I'm sure tonite will be no different.

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