18 January 2009

New Core Exercises plus Confetti

Shocking, but it is snowing out again. Actually, I don't mind the snow; the change of seasons is great. So before hitting the gym today, I decided it best to snowblow the driveway; we probably got about 9" of snow. Well, from the last few storms, coupled with the fact that it has been must colder than freezing, there is still ice on the driveway. That being said, the snowblower would catch some of the ice frozen onto the driveway and make a hard turn to port or starboard.

So I got a good core workout today by wrangling the snowblower down the driveway and back up again. The thing was steering like a drunken sailor and required constant adjustment. But that's not where the fun began. Down by the mailbox, I'm looking for the Sunday paper. It is nowhere in sight. I figure the delivery lady didn't make it today. See where this is going? So, I make my second pass with the snowblower and the auger comes to a dead stop. No warning, nothing. I look to my left to see a Sunday paper confetti parade blowing out the discharge chute. Paper was quite mangled and wedged up against the main auger. I had to get a crowbar to wrestle the remains out. Needless to say, we didn't read today's paper. Actually, I was quite impressed about how well it shreaded the entire Sunday edition.

Allright. Off to the gym - no sprints today. A few more weeks of 5x5
Deadlifts 195
Seated Rows: 130
Lat pulldowns: 130 - did 5/5/5/-/-, form was really sketchy for these 3 sets, try again next time
DB row: 75lb same reps and comments as above. Couldn't remember if I did 65 or 70 last time, now I know.
Did some quick curls and skipped military presses.

Came home and chipped at the ice on the walkway for an hour. Didn't feel bad about the time except for missing the first quarter of the NFC championship.

Ok - last nite for dinner, cooked some chicken burgers and tried the butternut squash souffle (http://cavemanfood.blogspot.com/). Couldn't find pureed squash in the store, so did it myself which made about 4 cups. So I was a little off on the ingredients, but it came out fine. Tonite, made fried chicken (in coconut oil) with almond meal breading plus steam cauliflower.

On a side note, the Tanita scale said 8.9% body fat this morning. Frankly I think it is a little off, and that the trends are more accurate, but since my calipers on out on loan, I can't verify this number. More later on my opinion of the Tanita scale.


  1. the fried chicken sounds good (skin on I hope!) - did you just roll the chicken in egg/almond meal and fry away? Gotta try that one.

    Cauliflower is absolutely awesome roasted (with a bit of EVOO)

  2. No skin on the chicken - sorry, but you got the basic procedure. Used coconut oil for frying the oil. Egg + almond meal + some paprika + dry mustard = yummy. Roughly followed the recipe in the Caveman Food blog by Elizabeth.

    Usually steam the cauliflower, but roasting in EVOO sounds good also. I'll have to try that.