21 January 2009

Today's Activities

As suspected, I attacked the fridge last nite following a 24 hour IF. Finished the grass fed beef and asparagus. Then moved on to power down some leftover chicken plus spaghetti squash. Two pieces of 75% dark chocolate plus macadamia nuts and pistachios.

This morning, made some eggs with pico de gallo and had a honeybell (http://www.honeybell.com/). We ordered these around the holiday and they have a unique taste. I'd best describe them as a cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit. Thin skinned and very juicy. Decided to skip lunch as a mini-IF and hit the gym instead.

Ran 5 interval sprints at 9/10/11/11.5/12 mph.
Deadlifts: 195
Seated Rows: 135
Lats: 130 - but again, didn't feel right. Going to have to back down that weight.
Dumbell Rows: 70
Dumbell Curls: 40, almost got 5x5, more like 5x4
Military presses: 85

Felt great and jacked when I left the gym.


  1. We got two boxed of honeybells for Christmas. good stuff!

  2. btw - I fried up some chicken the other night per your blog (and caveman food) and served it with some roast cauliflower. It was outstanding.