14 January 2009

Today's Workout

Made the mistake of having a breakfast burrito at the cafeteria today. Nontheless, I skipped lunch and headed to the gym.

Did the 10 interval sprints: 9/10/11x6/11.5/10mph followed by manly plank for a minute and 1 minute on each side.

Couple more weeks with the 5x5 stronglifts (http://stronglifts.com/stronglifts-5x5-beginner-strength-training-program/) although I modify the exercises a bit from what they recommend.

Today did:
Deadlifts: 185
Seated Rows: 125
Lats - some reason felt weak there, so skipped them
Dumbell Rows: 60
Military press: 75
DB curls: 40

Then took a tepid shower and headed back to work.

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