25 January 2009

Weekend Chow

Couple of meals of interest over the last few days.

Wife made bison burgers that we picked up at the A-Market. They were so good, I had 3 out of 4. Really more of a granular taste vs beef - and had more of a sirloin-type flavor.

Made tuna salad for lunch few days with albacore tuna. We must be out of canola mayo, so I used flax seed oil instead - really to keep it moist since it can be dry otherwise. Sprinkled some flaxseeds on top as well for a quick lunch in a pinch.

Made fruit salad for the brunch the other day: 1 pineapple, 1 honeydew, 1 cantelope, 1 box of blueberries. Forgot the strawberries and apples. Had that plus a few frittatas (sp) at the brunch and decided to skip the scones, bundt cake, and sugar castle baked monstrosity.

Had a few Harpoon IPAs at a friend's going away party plus some Sam Adams slow-cooked kielbasa and meatballs. Tasted good, but I think there was a fair amount of sugar lurking in the stews.

Eggs plus apple sausage plus salsa for breakfast today. Who knows dinner tonite, but thinking about an intermittant fast for tomorrow.

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