25 February 2009

225 Squat

Someone asked me what I had for breakfast this morning. Answer: reheated steak tips and cauliflower. Got a good look for that one.

Despite another meeting-crammed day, went to the gym around lunch time (skipped lunch):

5 interval sprints, 30 sec each maxing out treadmill followed by mostly 15/8/4 EF protocol:

Squats: 155x15, 185x8, 205x4 PLUS 225x2. Actually, I was so amped, I almost put more weight on
40 deg incline leg press: 270x15, 360x8, 450x4
Walking lunges w/DBs: 30x15, 35x8, 40x4 - fast and difficult
Leg extensions: 100x12, 100x8, 115x4 - explosive

Back to work within 90 minutes and felt great.

1 comment:

  1. It's funny how breakfast has transformed from the processed carb fest it used to be - more often than not, I eat leftovers for breakfast (especially when we had salmon the night before).