28 February 2009

300 Test

The Son of Grok ad a decent looking workout I thought I'd try called the 300 Test. It is a timed series of exercises that goes as follows:
  • 25x Pullups
  • 50x Deadlift
  • 50x Push-up
  • 50x Box Jump
  • 50x Floor Wiper
  • 50x KB Clean and Press
  • 25x Pullups

So I tried this today. I didn't know what floor wipers involved, so I substituted burpees instead. Plus, no kettlebells at my gym, so I used the barbell instead. Used 95# for deadlifts and 45# for C&P. Good news is I completed it in 27:33. Bad news is I did the sequence incorrectly.

Reading through some of SOG's comments after I was done, you do the exercises in the exact order and amount as shown above. I did splits as follows:

  • (10 reps of dead lifts, 10 reps of pushups) x 5
  • (10 reps of burpees, 10 reps of pullups) x 5
  • (10 reps of C&P, 10 reps of box jumps) x5

Still it was a good workout. Next time I'll do it properly for time and see if I can figure out what floor wipes are in the meantime.

Followed up with some renegade rows and dips. In and out of the gym in less than an hour.

147 on scale this morning - lowest in 2009.

No food pix today due to poor planning on timing of dishes, but had some grilled bratwurst + sauerkraut + spaghetti squash.


  1. Ah, that's the workout they supposedly put the actors of the movie 300 through at the end of their training. Good stuff.

  2. Pretty cool. I will need to try that myself.

  3. Andy,
    Looks like a good run for the first time through! Now that you have floor wipers down you can really hit it.

    The SoG