05 February 2009

Big Engine Stalled

Tried to make it to the gym Wednesday, but some emergent crisis kept me late. Wife and I went out to dinner around 7pm. Indulged in a some good old New England Clam Chowdaah (yeah moderately non-paleo), but also had turkey tips with chipotle sauce and broccoli.

Woke up this morning and had some leftover chicken with yellow and green squash. Decided to skip lunch - partly due to back-to-back meetings and then hit the gym. Forgot my socks, so sprinting was out otherwise I know I'd develop some nice blisters.

Did some explosive bench press w/135 but it felt heavier than usual today. Then moved on to some squats with 135. Tried the Erno approved ass-to-grass method, but knee was screaming. I'm wondering if I am going to have to get this 15 year old ski injury scoped. Moved on to incline DB presses with 40's. Just wasnt' feelin the love. Decided to do some pushups on the big inflatable ball. Man that was tough. Have to try that again next time. Finished up with some dips to try to lauch off the grips.

Overall the big engine workout sputtered. Too much going on at work the last few days. Hardly broke a sweat and headed back to work and stayed til 7:30. Try again tomorrow to be more productive.

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