14 February 2009

Eades Discussion Regarding Biggest Loser

Dr. Eades had a great discussion here regarding Bob Harper and the show the Biggest Loser. I tried to get my comments in, but the window had closed. But, I think there is interesting dialogue, so I'll post them below.

First off, great post and interaction with Pete Thomas who was on the show. The show fascinates me since I am trying to see how these people lose weight. After several seasons of watching the show, it is losing it's appeal, I tend to agree with many of the comments here.

In addition, I'll emphasize that:

a) This method of weight loss NOT REALISTIC. How many people have a trainer at their disposal to drive them 4, 6, or (like last week) over 12 hours at the gym? Very few. People can not afford that strain on their finances or their schedule.
b) The starvation diet, caloric balance method is NOT SUSTAINABLE. Just look at many of the contestants in the long term. It is in agreement with Taubes' references in his book. I'm surprised we don't have more psychotic episodes on that show. Although it would help ratings, right NBC!?

I did a google search on "Biggest Loser where are they now" and one from MSNBC popped up:
I have to think that MSNBC would post the best long term success stories from ex-contestants. They only highlight maybe 25% of past contestants. Of those ONLY ONE weighs less now than when the show ended. Several are within 10lb of their final weight, but it appears that many have gained 30+lb back. Note that the winner of season 1 lost about 120lb and has gained back about 100.

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