27 February 2009

Fair Workout Friday

Another busy day, but managed to make it to the gym. Two miles on treadmill today alternating laps between 7.5 and 9.5 mph just for a change. Done this before up to 3 miles, but wasn't feeling it today.

BB benchpress 135x15, 155x6, 175x2 - really not feeling the love here. I think the weight is going getting heavier
BB incline press: 95x15, 105x8, 115x4, again felt gassed on these, not sure why
DB press: 35x15, 40x8, 50x4
Dips - almost got 3 sets of ten.

Got some work in, but dissapointing sets here and there.

Got home and grilled some lamb tips - already marinated from the local meat shop. Had to take a que from this site. It didn't help a great deal, so I followed a beef-like approach.
- Preheated grill to high.
- Put on meat to sear.
- Turned down heat to med-high.
- Flipped at 5 minutes
- Checked at 10 minutes (still too rare)
- Checked at 14 minutes = perfect, very nice muted pink through 3/4 cross section
Served with steamed broccoli:

While browsing through some pictues, found some from the Highland Games; caber tossing in action:


  1. I see you made the lamb, but how did it taste!?

  2. Senya really enjoyed the taste. I thought it was pretty good, but not fantastic. It was a little tougher than I expected. Didn't overcook it; it was a nice pink through most of the cross section. Interesting, but different taste. We'd probably get it again.