10 February 2009

Food, IF, Exercises

Monday Dinner
Had a dental cleaning, so didn't make it to the gym. Made Mama's Meatloaf from Mark Sisson's sight. Wife loved it. I was actually a little lukewarm on it. I think 1 apple (vs. 2) would be fine and should have added more almond meal to bind it. Was more like a meat pie than an actual loaf. Also cooked roasted cauliflower on the side:

Tuesday IF and Exercise
Did an intermittent fast all day today. Went to the gym early afternoon. Ran 10 interval sprints at 11, 12 (x2), 12.5 (x7) mph. Following the run did some manly planks for 1 minute plus 1 minute each side.

Decided on an EF 15/8/4 protocol with:
Deadlifts: 135/155/185
Seated Rows: 100/115/135
Renegade Rows: 25/30/35
Reverse Flyes: 60/75/90

Tuesday Dinner:
Been waiting to try the mustard chicken and it did not disappoint (thanks, Mark!). Turned out great. I would have finished off the whole pound of chicken I think if I didn't have to save some for the missus. Also substituted cilantro instead of tarragon since the supermarket had none. Added some steamed broccoli and topped with some shredded parmesian.

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