07 February 2009

Friday Dinner and Other Food Links

Since I had the day off, I had more time to do some meal research, but the necessary items at the store and spend some time in the kitchen. Decided to make the Bacon Meatloaf from Son of Grok. Didn't have ground bison, so used 93/7 ground beef instead. Also shown is a spaghetti squash, which was brushed with flaxseed oil and topped with cracked pepper. Sprinkled some grated parmesian cheese at the end.

Below shows the ingredients, prep, and outcome.

It was pretty tasty. The tomato paste serves as a pretty good binder for the meatloaf and the zing helps add some flavor to the spaghetti squash. I used a 12oz can of tomato paste, but could probably get away with a smaller can. The recipe calls for 4 slices of bacon. I used 5, but 6 would be okay also.
I was reading through Mark Lepper's blog and found a few items try in the future such as the Mustard Chicken, which comes from The World's Healthiest Foods. Looking through some of the recipes shows some great way to prepare items and some basic techniques like how to press garlic, for example. I'll be looking into this more for ideas.


  1. I'm firing up a spaghetti squash for the first time tonight...looks just like your picture.

    I made "Mama's Meatloaf" again today, though I changed the recipe combing Sisson's with the SoG bacon/bison one. I went off Sisson's recipe mostly, though I only used one apple and added a mash of red/orange/yellow peppers and about 6 strips of bacon. Can't wait to try it!

  2. Mark, make sure that knife is sharp to cut that gord. I usually sharpen my Santoku knife ahead of time to get through that thing more easily.

    I'm on dinner duty this week, so I'm sure I'll try a few of those recipes out.

  3. Glad you enjoyed the meatloaf. 93/7 is pretty lean... sometimes makes for a dry meatloaf which is where the tomato paste comes in!

    The SoG