19 February 2009

Gym Update and 5x5 Podcast

Quick summary of exercise today (Wednesday off due to all day meetings + car svc)

5 Interval sprints, 30sec at 11, 12, 12.5x3 mph

Bench: 135x15, 155x8, 175x4, 185x2 - stuck at this weight
Incline DB Press: 30x15, 35x8, 40x8, 45x4, 50x4
Cable flys: 40x15, 50x8, 60x4
Dips w/mach: 85x15, 100x8, 115x4

Tried some pushups on 65cm ball and only got a few. Need to try more for core work.

Also listened to a podcast from superhumanradio on the iPod at work discussing the 5x5 workout program. Will summarize key points tomorrow after I listen to it again.


  1. Well I tried to listen to the podcast, but it was too muscle-head-hgh-steroidy for me...at least I now know where I can procure that stuff ;)

  2. Actually, what bugs me are all the commercials, although I just fast forward through with the iPod. There is a significant Meathead factor, but there are a lot of interesting topics besides this one in particular.

    It is quite technical sometimes and I find myself looking up various terms on wikipedia like anabolic vs. catabolic, hypertrophy vs. hyperplasia, myostatins, IGF-1, SIRT-1, etc.

    Anyway, you can always look at the description and figure out if it is worth the investment in time to listeh.