16 February 2009

IF + Metallica = Amped

Doing an IF today. Last Dinner was at 8pm on Sunday, albeit a bacon cheeseburger (had part of the bun).

Anyway, gym time at lunch, skipped sprints today.

Super burpees with pushups and pullups: 10, 10, 10
Clean hang and press: 15x45, 8x55, 4x65
DB snatch: 10x25 (2 sets), 8x30
Renegade rows: 15x25, 8x30, 4x35
Reverse flys: 15x55, 8x70, 4x85
Upright db rows w/10s, 12.5s, 15s
Shrugs with 40/50/60

Felt great rocking out to Metallica and amped when I left.

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