03 February 2009

IF Plus New Exercises

Doing and intermittent fast today and am a firm believer that doing this seems to make me more alert and exercise more beneficial. After an IF workout, I'm pretty amped and today was no different. It is like the body is saying "Look, you have to be a better hunter if you want to eat, now get on it!"

I thought WWJED (what would Jeff Erno do), so I started off with sprints - a little different from usual. 30 second sprint followed by 90 seconds walk. 10 intervals total as:
11.0/11.5/12.0/12.5 (6x) mph followed by a full minute at 12.5 mph which was the treadmills maximum speed.

Off to the weights in the Bigger Engine protocol which is 25 explosive reps in various sets including:
Deadlifts, 135#, 7/7/7/4 - use more weight next time
Close Grip pullups, 5/5/4/4/4/3 - tried to pull up quickly enough to unload the grips
Renegade Rows, 25#DB, 7/7/6/4 - try 30# next time
DB Snatches, 15#x7, 25#x7, 35#x3, 30#x5, 30#x5
BB Curls, 50#, 7/7/7/4 - use more weight next time
Pushups with 8# medicine ball, 5/5/5/5/5 - new to this, so was not as explosive

Wife finally figured out how to fix the iTunes, so downloaded the Superhuman Radio podcast and am listening to it now. (http://www.superhumanradio.com/)


  1. Yeah man, I also feel like a beast when fasting. IF workouts kick ass :)


  2. No doubt, Yavor. There is something to it that just turns up the throttle more than usual.

  3. I want to wear a shirt in the gym that says "WWJED". Better yet, it would be WWJED superimposed on a picture of a Vibram Five Fingers shoe.