23 February 2009

Spring Training, etc.

First off, here's a picture from skating on a lake in CT. Just a good picture (IMHO) with the sun just going down, I thought I'd post it.

Anyway, spring training is in full gear with the first Red Sox game on Wednesday. So I thought I'd give my routine the full court press to try to get that body fat percentage down a little more. Which means to me extra emphasis on Paleo compliant eating and consciously trying to up the intensity at the gym.

Started off today doing an intermittent fast - which seems pretty routine by now. Went to the gym despite the slightly stiff back, so I skipped treadmill work and focussed on the lighter/faster HIAH-type protocol w/shoulder workout:

- super burpees: 10/10/10
- renegade rows: 30x7/35x7/35x6/35x5
- upright BB rows: 65x7/65x5/55x7/55x6
- BB raises: 12.5x7/12.5x7/12.5x6/12.5x5
- BB shrugs: 40x7/45x7/55x7/60x4
- mil press machine: 70x7/70x7/70x6/70x5
- reverse flys machine: 55x7/70x7/70x7/70x4

In and out of the gym in just over an hour. Back to work, then back home to make some stuffed peppers inspired by Son of Grok with some roasted cauliflower:


  1. Those stuffed peppers are looking GOOD Andy!

    The SoG

  2. The SoG, they tasted good too. I made some changes to your recipe by using ground turkey, added some cilantro to the meat, used a red onion. Didn't try the shredded cauliflower since the one we got at the store was deceptively small, so roasted what we could with EVOO and garlic.

    Grass fed beef is hard to find around here, but that always provides a better taste. I think I remember getting ground bison somewhere. I may try that. Oh and 1 lb ground meat made six peppers.