15 February 2009

Sunday at the Gym

Nothing noteworthy, mealwise. Restaurants jammed last nite (2/14), so headed back home and plowed through some leftover chicken with pesto, steak, and steamed asparagus. Apple sausage and eggs for breakfast this morning, plus some dark chocolate (remember yesterday 2/14).

Off to the gym . . .

30 sec sprint intervals at 11.0, 12.0, and 12.5 (x8) mph. Treadmill was rocking and I got a few looks (hahah!)

Exercises via the evolutionary fitness, 15/8/4 protocol.
Straight leg deadlift: 155/185/205
Seated rows: 115/130/145
Close grip lat pulldowns: 85/100/115
1 arm DB row: 40/50/60
Straight barbell curls: 45/55/65 plus another set of 4 with 75
DB curls: 25/30/35

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