07 February 2009

Super Burpees

Made some scrambled eggs with bacon and added pico de gallo, plus 2 cups of coffee. Read the paper and then headed to the gym.

Started off with thirty second sprint intervals, maxing out the treadmill. Still plenty of ice on the road and my driveway, so I'm not brave enough to try the roads. For the sprints, did them in 2 minute cycles: 60 sec walk at 4.0 mph, 15 sec to ramp up to speed, 30 sec at sprint speed, 15 sec to ramp down. I say 'sprint', but it is really a fast run. Like I said, the treadmill only goes up to 12.5 mph. Anyway sprint speed were 11.0, 11.5, 12.0, 12.5 (x7) mph.

With exercises, I've been working on developing the fast twitch muscles via the Huge in a Hurry, or 'Big Engine' (from Keith Norris's blog). For me that means doing the reps in a fast, explosive manner until I lose the 'snap' - meaning the explosiveness is gone. No more than 7 reps per exercise, and I only wait about 30 seconds between sets.

Started off with Sumo Deadlifts as shown here. Check out the dude getting amped up with the smelling salts. I didn't do 655 like that guy, but only 135 for 7/7/7/7. I'll add weight next time, but not 520lb.

Followed that with BB rows with 95 for 7/7/7/7.

Did renegade rows as shown here, but used 30lb DBs with rounded ends since there are no kettlebells at my gym. Reps 7/7/6/5.

Super burpees as shown here, which is your stadard burpee, but adding a pushup and a pull up (I did close grip pullups). There are several variations on the burpee, with some saying the pushup is standard. Anyway, extremely exhausting. Could only do 4 sets of 5 with the snap. Believe me, you lose the snap quickly. The guy in the video timed himself doing 100 and he was spent afterwards, saying something like "F*ck, that was tough."

Finished with some BB curls with 60 for 7/7/6/5. Felt pretty good leaving the gym. Not 100% amped, but pretty good overall.


  1. Hey man, great workout. I did not realize you had a blog! Great to see another EF guy in my weight class in the virtual gym.

  2. Richard - I hear you. I'm always looking through your blog, Jeff's, Mark's, and Keith's for ideas to try, but outside of deadlifts, your weights are more-or-less compatible with mine.