02 February 2009

Superbowl Hangover

No, I did not flex the liver yesterday. Only had two Magic Hats (Fat Angel and Hocus Pocus). Watched the Cardinals give the game away on friend's 60" LCD. Sweeet picture, but bad outcomes for the Cards. Paleo minefield out there with chips, dips, brownies, etc. But, had some meatballs that was about it. Heard someone complaining about how Denny's restaurant is bad for you since it is high calorie while packing a brownie in their mouth (you can't make this stuff up!).

Beforehand, grilled up some turkey and bison burgers. Man they are good. Put a little cheese and pico on it and we were all set.

Nonetheless, took a day off from any exercise besides getting pumped up from the mouse. But I stumbled across a few interesting links.

First is regarding exercising during fasting:
Should be of interest to the IF crowd. I find that a lot of what he says regarding SNS is true based on my own experiences.

And that page has a link to the warrior diet:
Which is basically doing intermittent fasting all the time.

Probably going to do an IF myself tomororow.

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