12 February 2009

Thursday Update

Despite a sub-par lunch due to a meeting - where all the beverages were sugar-full, good time at the gym. In brief with 15/8/4 protocol:

Sprints, 30sec at 11, 12, 12.5 (x3) mph
40deg incline leg press 270/360/450
Squats: 135/155/185/205, felt like going for glory with 225, but no spot = bad idea
Seated calf raises: 45/70/100
Leg extensions: 70/85/100

Tried the spinach pesto with grilled chicken and eggplant. The pesto was very mild and topped the chicken nicely. Next time I may up the garlic and also add some pine nuts. Fried the eggplant in evoo and garlic. Here's how it turned out:


  1. I gotta try that pesto recipe. Maybe this weekend...

  2. Andy,

    Are those weights in lbs, on kgs.

    Like the look of those sprints - or rather, that looks a pretty tough set, but worthwhile if it gets results.

    Paul Anderson

  3. Good luck going for 225 (pounds) Andy - I know you can do it becaue I did before I hurt my back.

    Oh, yeah, be careful not to hurt your back :) I am not doing back squats any more, only front and overhead for a while.

    Regarding spots, you need two spotters for squats. If you, Jeff and I ever get in the same gym at the same time we should do squats to failure.

  4. Paul, as Richard noted, the weights are in lb. I'm only 5'10 / 150, so for me that's good. I'll never be a hulking monster.

    Richard, next time we're visiting Jeff, we'll have to hook up.


  5. Paul,

    There are several reference to interval sprints in this blog, plus others. One blogger who has been discussing this recently is Matt Metzgar:

    Hope it helps.