11 February 2009

Warm Weather Wednesday

Finally a warm day in New England with the car thermometer reading 61F around lunchtime. Saw 3 peole out on the motorcycles. Have fun washing off all the sand and salt. Polished off yesterday's chicken for breakfast with spaghetti squash, had an apple for lunch and went to the gym.

Tried Son of Grok's Workout from Hell, with some modifications - mostly due to equipment limitations at the gym. Anyway, here's the exercises / weight / reps. Did 3 rounds of the circuit:

Jumping Jacks, 60/60/60
Burpees with Pullups, 10/10/10
Dips, 10/10/10
Hanging Power Clean and Press, 45x10/65x7/65x6
Lunges with DBs, 30x10/10/10

Plus shoulder work
Front raises 10x10/12.5x10/15x10
Side raises 5x10/10x10/12.5x10
Shrugs, 30x10/35x10/40x10

Stopped by the butcher to pick up some steak tips and cranberry chicken salad. Grilled outside (yea!) and served with some leftover veggies:

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