10 March 2009

5k and 300 Test

Figured out that I've gone into work for the last 18 days straight which is cutting into post and gym time. Couple more weeks til a design review and then I'll get a break.

So, since hamstring is not quite 100% and for a change of pace, ran on the treadmill for 3 miles (21:06) and 5k for 21:46. Followed by the timed 300 test. Probably not the best idea to minimize time right after a run, but at least I have a baseline to improve on. Here is the test. Completed in 36:34 with reps between required minimized rest:
  • 25x Pullups: 10/7/5/3 - one of my weaker exercises
  • 50x Deadlift: 10/10/15/10 w/95lb - need to maintain proper form while doing them quickly
  • 50x Push-up: 30/20 - easy
  • 50x Box Jump: 10/15/15/10 - this is when I could understand the desire to vomit
  • 50x Floor Wiper: 10/10/7/7/6 - did with just the bar, will use weight next time as I got the hang of these. btw - reeeeeeally difficult (for me)
  • 50x KB Clean and Press: 10/15/15/10 - mixed bag; left arm found these easy w/15lb weight, but very difficult on right with wonky shoulder
  • 25x Pullups: 5/5/5/5/5 - worn out at the end

Did a few set of curls before I left, but I was spent. Working my way toward contrast showers - a little colder than luke warm which helps cool down quickly.

150 on the scale this morning, WTF, so also did an IF today.

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