27 March 2009

Beef Florentine

Had a chance to make a decent dinner. One of the favorites of my better half. I think the roll turned out better last time, but it was quite tasty nonetheless. Roasted cauliflower with evoo, garlic and cracked pepper as a side. A little on the rare side for her, good for me.


  1. Hey buddy, you should start giving more detailed recipes for cooking challenged folks like me lol. The onyl things I cook are stakes...

    Help a brother out!


  2. Yavor, I'm no chef by any means. I'm more of a practical cook. I'll create a post with some of the sites I visit that have recipes that even I can execute.

    But as you create more tasty dishes, you'll develop a sense on how long to cook things, good compliments to food, how to prepare things, etc.