08 March 2009

Busy Saturday

Work continues to occupy a lot of time as I had to go in Saturday. Beforehand went to the gym. Left hamstring has been really tight since squat activities, so putting sprint activities on hold until that clears up.

So, did a 3 mile run in 21:07, despite a full month without doing any steady state cardio. Then some exercises via 15/8/4 protocol:

Deadlifts: 135/155/185
BB Rows: 65/95/115
Renegade Rows w/DBs: 30/30/35
Seated Rows: 100/115

Short workout. 147 on scale.

Also did an unplanned IF on Saturday, but did not mind. Went to Longhorn steakhouse for dinner and powered down a 12oz ribeye plus plenty of veggies. Too much salt and the parmesian / garlic crust was a bit thick for my tastes.

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