27 March 2009

Day Off with 2x10's

Enjoyed the day off immensely. Slept in (til 7:30), and made a leisurely breakfast with scrambled eggs and pico de gallo plus had the time to make some French pressed coffee. That really brings out the taste.

Had a light workout, full body style at the gym. To some degree, I know I was going through the motions, but gym time has been low lately due to work and I was definitely feeling work hangover.

Did 5-30 sec sprints 11-12.5 mph. Then did 2 sets of 10 of the following exercises:

Squats, 135
Deadlifts, 135
Close grip pullups
Bench press, 135
BB curls, 50

Planning on a cross-fit type workout tomorrow. Ran some errands to the butcher, got gas, Trader Joe's, and the supermarket. Beef florentine in the oven right now. Pics to follow.

148 on scale this morning, no doubt due to the crap they served at the meeting yesterday.

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