15 March 2009

Finally a Day Off

I think things are finally under control at work, so a day off from both work and gym. Headed into Boston with the wife and finally cleared out the camera from some older pictures. Here's a few of interest, some go back a few weeks.

a) scrambled eggs with leftover stuffed peppers:

b) This was the grilled lamb with smashed cauliflower:

c) At Boston's Museum of Science showing a big honkin Sequoia. Posted just because I'm shocked myself how thin my face looks sometimes (anti-carb-face).

d) Boston's Museum of Science exhibit showing various jawbones and skulls. Thought the comment regarding diet was interesting after just discussing this with Mark in his post. Was looking for a good exhibit of Hominid or stone age man evolution or taking down a mammoth, but none was to be had.

e) Dinner at McCormick & Schmick's. I had the pan-seared sole with asparagus, spaghetti squash, and mixed veggies - hold the mashed potatoes. Did have a Bass ale, since they were out of Guinness most likely due to Saturday pre-St. Patrick's Day demands.

f) Anyone reading may wonder what the hell this next picture is about. Fault is really with me as I was not quick enough with the camera. Just disappearing behind the tree was someone of considerable diameter - but what we really noticed was the bag from Mike's Pastry. So this wasn't just the normal bag, but the jumbo sized one - probably loaded with about 2000g of concentrated sugar.
Anyway, 148 on scale this morning. Nut and fruit intake was up this last week since I made a fruit salad at the wife's request. Planning on an intermittent fast for tomorrow.


  1. Good looking eats. That spaghetti squash looks exactly like angel hair pasta! How do you prep it? I am going ot give is a try.

  2. Good stuff. Nice to see a picture of you to associate a blog with a face.

    The lamb/cauli looks outstanding.

    SoG - checkout http://cavemanfood.blogspot.com/2009/01/paleo-spaghetti.html for how too cook spaghetti squash. I love that stuff and it couldn't be easier.

  3. SoG / Mark, I cook it a little differently from Elizabeth. Here's how I do it. Preheat oven to 375F. Get a sharp friggin knife and cut lengthwise and scoop out the seeds. Brush with EVOO and add sprinkle with cracked pepper. Place on cookie sheet cut-side down and bake for approximately 45 minutes. You know it is done when the fork easily makes strings. To get it all out, I usually use two forks - one to stabilize it, and the other to rake the squash into a serving dish.

    I found that putting it cut-side down with some evoo makes just the slightest crispy crust (but not too crispy) and helps tranfer the heat to the rest of the squash.

    Mark - yeah, I'm a little camera shy, so I don't post the face too often - but more pics are on the FB account with me and the missus.