29 March 2009

Fish Fry

148 on scale this morning. Steak tips and broccoli for breakfast. Did some random exercises at the gym including:
- Squats: 135x20, 155x10, 185x5, 205x2
- Universal leg press: 280x20, 320x10, 340x8
- Bench press: 135x15, 145x10, 155x6, 165x3
- plus a few light deadlifts

Went food shopping, made some tasty dinner: fried tilapia 'breaded' with almond meal and parmesian. note fried in coconut oil (virgin). Was a little concerned about turning the heat up too high on the oil since the virgin CO doesn't tolerate that well. If I would have thought about it, the fish could have used a lemon butter sauce to top it off. But turned out pretty well regardless, served with steamed julienned yellow and green squash:

Senya made some Omega meatballs, right out The Paleo Diet. We'll be dining on those throughout the week: Not great picture quality due to black stove.

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