20 March 2009

Food Addiction Discussions

A couple of recent posts regarding food addiction that are worth reading. Here's one from Jeff with a well-written article by his dad and his view on things. Also Matt Metzgar has been discussing this topic also here.

Personally, I think that there are addictive components, both physical and mental to eating refined and processed foods. As a society, we're brought up with it with sugars, sweets, and treats for every occasion such as holidays, birthday parties, celebrations, etc. Kids are brought up from the get-go with high sugar cereals, 'fruit juice' boxes, etc. Then into adulthood, as the obesity epidemic marches on, the wrong solution of low fat, watch your calories provides a misleading answer to a problem started in our youth.

Not to sound like a Puritan. Do I enjoy a chocolate chip muffin? Heck yeah. But I save it for a rare treat. Seems like the general population eats the wrong foods as the mainstay of their diets and they are unable to break that habit.

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  1. Amen, brother. The kids are tough. My daughter and our friends kids are literally all about the treats. We gotta keep it within reason or we are setting them up for all sorts of problems. I have been even thinking of telling our school my kids are lactose intolerant so they don't give them the junk. Good take.