28 March 2009

Food Links

Here's a list of some of the sites I frequent when looking for recipes. I'm more of a practical cook and don't have the grasp of making a reduction sauce or anything fancy. So I tend to prepare meals that don't require exotic ingredients or techniques. That being said, here's my take on several links:

a) PaleoFood.com: very comprehensive site for a wide range of meals. Some of the recipes may require the odd ingredient at the store, but most are pretty easy to follow. Detailed explanation on how to prepare things.

b) Caveman Food: Elizabeth has a great feel for the Paleo way and posts some tasty recipes. I've tried several of them and have been pretty pleased. Also some great pictures on the final product.

c) Son of Grok: SOG has nice recipes that are easy to follow. The bacon meatloaf is one of our favorites. Been a while since I made that, so maybe I'll prepare that in the near future. SOG also has excellent workout routines. His 300 test is a killer.

d) My brutha-from-anotha-mutha Jeff: Let me preface by saying that Jeff is an outstanding cook, though he doesn't give himself enough credit. But I'll take a look at what he makes for ideas on things.

e) Mark Sisson's Recipes: These tend to be more on the intermediate side of techniques. There may be call outs for ingredients I don't have or are unfamilar with, but there are some good ideas here.

f) Feel Good Eating: A lot of recipes here, some more complex than others - but plenty of ideas.

g) World's Healthiest Foods: This is a pretty good site. Not geared directly to the Paleo lifestyle, so you have to take that with a grain of salt. Last time I looked through it, he had some useful links / short videos on how to prepare things - like how to crush garlic cloves, etc. Really useful for the novice cook.

h) How to: Shows various cooking techniques, like how to julienne vegetables, etc. Great resource, but there is a lot of spam links that may redirect you to a sales pitch for a new appliance. That issue aside, it is useful.


  1. Thanks man, I frequent SoG's and Mark's sites, but the other ones are new to me. Cool stuff!


  2. Thanks for the link love bro. I am honored.