18 March 2009

IF, 6 Mile, 5x5, Cordon Bleu

Meant to do an IF earlier in the week; didn't happen. But did one today without a problem. Actually the IF was more like 26 hours since we ate late tonite.

Hammy's been on and off. Decided to go for a nice easy run today and ended up doing 6 miles in 47:50. Last time I ran that long was on 11/14, 6 miles in 47:53. Hah! Identical time and only about half a dozen ss cardio runs since Thanksgiving. Aerobically, it was not a problem at all. Quads were a little tired toward the end.

Followed by a quick 5x5
Bench 135
DB press 35
Explosive dips.

Really trying to focus on perfect form, slow eccentric movement and rapid concentric movement. Plus always trying to remember Matt's comment about "Lift hard versus heavy"

Had some chicken cordon bleu at work not too long ago and figured I'd make that for dinner tonite. Pounded out some chicken cutlets, dipped in egg and almond meal, then rolled up with ham and swiss. Just kind of shot from the hip for the recipe. Made with roasted cauli + evoo and pepper. Forgot to add the minced garlic (slapping forhead). Nonetheless, turned out great. I had two pieces, but could have downed 3.

147.6 on scale this morning


  1. I've been on a kick for new food lately. I haven't had chicken cordon bleu since I dropped grains. Any suggestions for someone attempting to recreate this? Anything you'd do differently if you were going to make it a second time.

    -- Chris

  2. Hi Chris, thanks for stopping by. About the only thing I would do would be to up the cheese content. Of course this depends if you are adverse to cheese. I added one slice of ham and 1 slice of swiss per cutlet. The other thing I did wrong was left it in the oven (375F) for too long (>30min) and it dried out some.

    Someone else at work who is more advanced in the culinary world said he fries the chicken beforehand, but that would make it tough to roll up. Good luck.

  3. Oh man, that looks delicious! glad I already ate cuz otherwise I'd have to go grab something to eat FAST lol


  4. Chris, I forgot to mention that although the almond meal added a nice pseudo-breading texture and taste, it didn't really brown up too well. Maybe that's why my coworker recommended pre-browning prior to rollup.

    Yavor - man it was good. I scored some serious points with the wife from this!

  5. Great to see that your long distance times haven't fallen off since going Paleo. It appears that the lifting and intervals, which take far shorter to do, give you the body composition benefits without a drop off in aerobic performance. Very cool!