05 March 2009

Quick Workout II

Another busy day and another quick tour through the gym, skipped lunch.

1.5 miles on treadmill in 10 min, didn't feel like doing 3

Lighter exercises via 15/8/4 with emphasis on working hard vs. working heavy via Matt Metzgar post

Squats 135/155/185
Lunges w/DBs 30/35/40
On nautilis machines, don't remember weights, but did calf raises, leg extensions, leg press

Skipped lunch.
145.8 on scale - lowest weight since last August, but wondering if muscle mass is taking a hit...

Changes since the spring training began
- really clamped down on fruit intake - only a few servings a week vs. at least one a day
- reduced dairy (mainly cheese) intake as well.
- reduced nut intake mildly; just a handful of nuts where before I could eat half a bag.
- reduced cheating; only had 1 non-paleo fare (cookie) over the last 2 weeks


  1. I too read Matt's post. I think I agree with him. I like what you did diet wise and the results. I am following you down that path.

  2. Good job on the low bodyweight.

    re muscle loss - if you are not losing strength, don;t worry about muscle loss.