01 March 2009

Sunday's Activities

Scale and Body Fat Check
148 on scale this morning plus monthly caliper check. 16mm ab, 6mm chest, 6mm thigh = 9.6% body fat. On one hand, seems like I've been at these numbers for a while. But I do recall being just over 10% late in the 2008, and much better than closer to 20% a year ago. A little bit up from a month ago. Not complaining, just would like to see that ab measurement drop some.

Nutrition (no food p*rn pictures as the usb port is out of commision right now)
Breakfast - made some scrambled eggs with real butter and reheated a chopped up stuffed pepper that was left over.

Lunch - not much to speak of, I think it was some nuts. Just slipped my mind really. Caught up with other things going on and by the time I realized I hadn't eaten it was close to dinner.

Dinner - marinated some filet medallions in evoo plus some seasoning. Grilled via sear + med heat on the grill outside before the snow. Tried some mashed / smashed cauliflower with butter, minced garlic, half-n-half, and parmesian. A little lumpy, but tasted great.

5 interval sprints of 30 seconds maxing out treadmill for last 3
Followed a 15/8/4 protocol on legs:
Squats: 155x15, 185x8, 205x3, had to rerack on catch for 4th rep
40deg incline press: 3 plates per side x 15, 4 plates x 8, 5 plates x 4
Seated calf raises: 45x15, 70x8, 105x4
Leg extensions: 85x15, 100x8, 115x4

Going to switch it up this month and do a few weeks of the HIAH protocol.

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