21 March 2009

Unintentional Day Off

Had every intention to get to the gym. Packed bag and put it in the car, but had to pick up another motorcycle battery and then got stuck at work until 6. Design review Thursday, so I'm hoping to get back in thr groove after that. 146.6 on scale this morning.

Made a egg/cheese/red onion pie for breakfast. Our oven sucks. Have to get a thermometer for it to figure out the REAL cooking temperature. That rant aside, the quiche/pie turned out tasty and some left over for breaky tomorrow.

Here are the cats lounging around after a morning of primal hunting:

Senya made an Al Capone roast with purple cauliflower (steamed). Sorry for the poor picture quality. Slightly different taste from white cauliflower. This is a tad more bitter, or chalky - but really only a slight difference in taste.

Here's the Al Capone roast - beef, provolone, prosciutto, mushrooms = tasteeee!


  1. You got some good chow here buddy. Btw, how tall are you? 5-9? Reason I'm asking is cuz I wanted to know what your goal weight is with all the weigh ins.

  2. Yavor, the food turned out great. Hat tip to the missus for making it this time.

    I'm 5'10" on the button. Reason I've been keeping track of my weight is in an effort to get my body fat down to less than 9%. Right now it's been between 9.5-10% for a while. So, I've been extra cautious with some of the poorer food choices. As a result my weight has dipped a little, but the body fat% has been stubborn.

    Ideally, I'd like to put ON some weight AND lower the bf%. Any comments or ideas?

  3. Yeah I got a few ideas.

    1. First forget about the BF%. All that matters is how you look in the mirror. For ex, at 5'11, 180, 10% BF I don't look very impressive. Some folks are ripped at 10%. It all boils down to genetics and where we store the fat.

    2. A great body is low bodyweight+high strength

    You will be surprised how little ripped guys weigh (actors, boxers, wretlers, natural bodybuilders in comp). So don't think about gaining weight, think about getting stronger and stronger, while not getting fatter

    3. To get stronger without reaching platoe - you have to alternate between strength training and muscle building

    4. Also a fullbody routine

    is best until you reach some initial strength milestones

    Hope that helps.

  4. Yavor,

    Thanks for the input. Funny how we all accumulate fat in different areas. For me the ab number is the worst, but other areas are pretty good (per my standards).

    That's great input from your site that I'll be reading up on more.