28 April 2009

Slo Mo with Flu

A couple guys at work had the flu which wiped them out for the whole weekend. Think I had/have a touch of it. Felt run down yesterday, so a lackluster day at the gym via slo-mo (body by science) protocol. Some exercises had the intensity, but ran out of gas in the middle.

- Exercise: weight (lb) / TUL (sec)
- Leg press: 220 / 135
- Chest press: 120 / 125
- Military press: 70 / 45
- Seated rows: 115 / 75
- Lat pulldowns: 85 / 65
- Curls: 55 / 100
- Dips: - / 75

26 April 2009

Golf, Steak & Eggs

Played golf at Passaconaway Country Club (yeah they let degenerates like me on the course). Course rating: 73, fairly long front 9. Played fair on the front, but swing fell apart on the back 9. Didn't really keep score, but I'm guessing about a 120+ ouch. Completely out of touch with my range for hitting the irons, no feel for the chips and my drive was erratic. But all considered, not bad for not playing for two years. My coworker Decarlo shot 1 or 2 over par....bastahd.

Had a feast of grilled sirloin (balsamic marinate), roasted cauliflower (with evoo and garlic), steamed broccoli (with shredded parmesian) plus mutant strawberries for desert. From 3+ lb of meat, had about 1/2 lb leftover which went directly into breakfast with scrambled eggs, pico de gallo, and sauteed mushrooms as shown. Taking the day off from any formal exercise as I was feeling Friday's DOMS especially during the back 9 yesterday.

24 April 2009

Sox and Slo Mo

Thank you Mariano Rivera for another blown save that allow the Red Sox to tie the game in the 9th inning with 2 outs. Plus a fanstastic no-doubter walk off dinger by Kevin Youkilis for the win. But as expected with any Sox/Yankees game, it was a slow painful marathon.

Speaking of slo-mo, made another timed slo-mo exercise appointment at the gym. Here's how it went down. Apparently, the baseline still needs work, but I'm feeling the results already with shaking joints. Planning on playing golf tomorrow, so that will make it interesting. Can't hurt my score any.
- (exercise: weight/TUL)
- Leg press: 200/190, still too light for weight
- Chest press: 105/150, still too light for weight
- Military press: 70/45, hmmm last time TUL was right on target
- Seated rows: 105/85, slight increase in TUL but I'd consider that with the error margin
- Lat pulldowns: 85/75, just about right, maybe a little low on TUL
- Curls: 55/100, slight increase in TUL
- Dips: body weight/60, slight decrease in TUL
Came home and grilled some bourbon marinated steak tips plus grilled aspragus with evoo and black pepper:

23 April 2009

Chicken, Run

Have not run in a while including sprints, so did 3 miles at a slower pace in 22:30. Same as about a week ago and slower than it had been in a while. Light exercises at the gym including:

- super burpees: 10/5/8, deliver dudes where hauling a cooler right underneath the pull up bar, so got derailed a bit
- renegade rows w/25#db: 8/8/8 still focussing on strict form
- floor wipers: 10/7/5, trying to get up to 3x10
- dips, slow down fast up: 10/10/10
- db snatch - meant to do these, but actually forgot....and I was looking forward to them

Made chicken cacciatore straight out of The Paleo Diet recipe section. Looked great, tasted a bit bland. Next time I add some white wine and garlic. Senya usually makes this and browns the chicken in evoo. I opted for the baked route.

22 April 2009

Calorie count for ha-has

11 hour day at work, so no gym. Just reporting today's meals. Curious as to intake today so I used the calorie counter to add things up. I don't weigh the food, so I'm guessing at the weights and quantities a bit. Listed are:

Food item: calories / fat(g) / carb (g) / net carb (g) / protein (g)

4 scramled eggs: 400 / 30 / 6 / 6 /28
mixed veggies (1 whole pepper used as a guide): 40 / <1 / 4 / 2 / 1
walnuts, 1 handful: 200 / 20 / 4 / 1 / 5
spinach salad (2 cups): 15 / 0 / 2/ 0 / 2
mixed veggies (1 whole pepper used as a guide): 40 / <1 / 4 / 2 / 1
1 apple: 70 / 0 / 20 / 15 / 0
chicken breast 8 oz: 280 / 6 / 0 / 0 / 52
steak tips 4 oz: 240 / 13 / 0/ 0 /28
2 big meatballs (6 oz): 470 / 30 /0 /0 / 44
Didn't include home made sauce...
mashed cauliflower (1 cup): 30 / 0 / 5 / 2 / 2
macadamia nuts, 3 handfuls: 440 / 7 / 8 / 2 / 4
1 starbucks truffle: 180 / 4 / 18 / 16 / 2
calories: 2405
fat: 112g
carb: 71g
net carb: 46g
protein: 169g

Glad I don't have to do that every day. What a pain in the ass. Anyway, Senya made dinner with her home made tomato sauce = delicious:

21 April 2009

Slo Mo Baseline

Finally got to the gym armed with stopwatch, pen and paper to try to establish a slo-mo baseline. Following exercises with weight and time under load (TUL) with comments. Most done on some type of machine. Target TUL ~90sec.

- Leg press: 180#, 200sec, need to up the weight and lower the seat a notch
- Chest press: 90#, 160sec, need to up the weight
- Military press: 70#, 80sec, just right
- Seated rows: 100#, 80sec, just right
- Lat pulldown: 100#, 50sec, need to lower the weight
- Curls: 55#, 90sec, just right
- Dips: 65sec, may need to use machine, but I'll just try this for now.

147 on scale and bf% per scale said 8.8%

20 April 2009

Marathon Monday

No time for gym today, got sidetracked by meetings, etc., despite doing an intermittent fast. Had dinner out with friends at Legal Seafoods and stayed on the Paleo path, despite 1 Harpoon IPA.

113th Boston Marathon today. What is most important to me is that the Sox game started at 11 am and I could listen to it at work. Sox crushed the Orioles 12-1. But interesting to see the race results. Guy from Ethiopia (Deriba Merga, 5'6"/116#) won in 2:08:42 for an average pace of 4:55 minute mile. Un-friggin believable. Here's the splits from the official Boston Marathon site.

5k 0:14:34
10k 0:29:29
15k 0:44:45
20k 1:00:20
Half 1:03:39
25k 1:16:10
30k 1:30:59
35k 1:46:22
40k 2:01:24

So, here are a few pictures of him:

Now let's see another well known sprinter, Usain Bolt (6'5"/190). Look how ripped this guy is:

Although I'd have trouble running 1 mile at a sub 5-minute mile pace, I guess I'd rather look like Bolt than Merga.

19 April 2009

Sunday Dinner

After loam completion and battling with a stump that defeated the Stihl MS250, we made a run to the local butcher shop. Picked up some nice cuts of strip steak. Seasoned them with some Montreal steak seasoning and balsamic vinegar. Marinated for about an hour. Fired the grill up to high (>450) and seared for 1 minute per side. Turned the heat down to medium-low (grill temp 250-300) and cooked until internal temp hit 140F per meat thermometer. Steak turned out friggin fantastic - slight char on the outside and a nice uniform pink through the middle.

Also made some sauteed mushrooms with garlic and butter plus steamed broccoli with a sprinkle of shredded cheese. Sadly, the battery on the camera died, so no picture. Too bad, because it looked great, and tasted even better.

Loam II

Knocked out the rest of the loam pile. Next stage: hydroseeding. Other than that, only other physical activity was going to the driving range to hit some balls. Been almost 2 years since I swatted the pill due to wonky shoulder which kept me from it last year. Felt strange, but hit the ball fairly well. Maybe I've forgotten all bad habits. Still have issues with the driver. Going to keep that in the bag. Tanita scale said bf was 8.6%, but I've learned not to believe that.

17 April 2009

Workout with Loam

Last nite's dinner: grilled steak tips and eggplant napoleon (eggplant + tomato + mozzarella + balsamic vinegar):
No gym time today as recovering from morning slo-mo (body by science), so ordered 5 yards of loam for delivery since the yard is a mess and worked my way through that. Working the wheel barrow in sets of 10 shovels per load. Starting off after a couple loads:
After 40 loads:
After 60 loads, starting to feel that delayed onset muscle soreness, so I stopped for the day.
Here's a glimse of the lackey doing the work and writing the post. Maybe on our paleo anniversary I'll post a better shot. Today's weight was 148 - too skinny?

16 April 2009

Slo Mo Morning

Decided to head straight to the gym after the morning java - less cast from The Road Warrior there at that time. 147.0 on scale this morning. Was going to time my time under load (TUL), but forgot the watch with the timer (doh!). Nonetheless pushed the Body by Science protocol til positive failure. Found that it is really important to go to failure since I can get another rep or two when I was sure I could not. Still fine tuning the workout to target the 90 second set which is about 5 reps.

- squat 135, got closer to 10 reps and was shaking at the end.
- bench 135, same as above
- deadlifts 135, form is still tough with these in slo-mo, don't know why. Keep wanting to blast the weight up from the bottom
- BB curls, 50, maybe 6-8 reps
- mil press, 70, on universal. Just about the right weight
- dips, only got about 5 and felt shredded after workout.

Last nite's chicken and kabob dinner, note that this was my second plate full:

13 April 2009

Recovery Monday

After yesterday's abuse, decided to do an all day IF. Still haven't eaten since about 7 last nite. Senya is making home made tomato sauce to serve with some meatballs from the butcher with some steamed broccoli.

At the gym, took a slow run for 3 miles in 22:32. Since a goal is still the sub-20 minute 5k, I'll be working this 'exercise' and skill a bit more into off days.

- super burpees: 10/8/6, shoulder twinged a little on pushups, so cut these short
- renegade rows, 25lb dbs, super strict 8/8/8
- floor wipers: 10/5/5. These are ridiculously tough
- DB snatch w/25lb db: 5 each arm x 3

In other news...
Sox tanking it in the early going. Currently losing to the A's.
But by my count US Seals: 3, Somali Pirates 0
And a sad note with the passing of Harry Kalas, long time Phillies announcer and sports voice of my youth. Best know for the HR call for Mike Schmidt:

"Swing and a long drive, there it is, number 500! The career 500th home run for Michael Jack Schmidt!"

12 April 2009

What a headache

Decent Easter dinner with friends, but indulged in a few deserts (bad Andy!) and got one hell of a headache afterward. Feels like it will take a day or two to clear that mess out of the system. That will learn me....I hope.

Sunday Ad

Taking another day of recovery to get back to baseline per McGuff's jargon. Was thinking of doing a cross-fit type of workout today, but it isn't going to happen. 148 on scale again this morning. I may stop posting this since it seems like it never changes. Despite having a 2/3 of an Al Capone roast last nite and not running in about a week.

Advertisement in the Sunday paper caught my eye for weight loss. I'm always curious to see what people advertise and their Modus Operandi. Their site advertises like a local business, but in reality it is nationwide called The Center for Medical Weight Loss. Like I really need to lose any more weight at mid 9% body fat.

Just for ha-ha's I went to the site and clicked on the weight loss button - first thing they ask for are your stats, and of course your email address. So, I put in my stats, 5'10"/148# and the fake email address (coach_potato@blahblahblahdotcom) and guess what - I can lose between 6 and 16 lb in just 6 weeks! Despite it saying that my BMI is dead-nuts in the green band at 21 - like I think this is a meaningful measurement anyway. But it is their yardstick, so I'll roll with it.

Allah be praised! My ship has come in! Good sweet lord, just how can i achieve this miracle? Let me click on "How it Works"....yes...salvation is only a click away! Oh yes the four plans look so simple:

a) Low Calorie: would one expect anything else? Just cut back on the donut consumption to 5/week from the usual 12...

b) Modified Program: no clue what this means. I think it is intentionally cryptic to serve as a catch-all category. Perhaps leaches and frequent visits to the local Shaman.

c) Prescription Drugs: again no surprise here. Medicate me! Why make any lifestyle changes when a simple pill will cure my ills...

d) Bariatric Surgery: not surprised here either. Another not-so-last ditch effort to correct decades of poor diet choices supported by the USDA

So nowhere do they advocate making proper nutritional choices or (god forbid) exercising. Nauseating really, but they do point out that 2/3 of the population is overweight. I think the percentage is climbing at an alarming rate.

As another tangent, we watched the movie WALL-E, same director (Andrew Stanton) as Finding Nemo. A lot of social commentary regarding pollution, etc. But what is interesting is that in the future, he thinks that we won't even have to move. We'll just have these Lay-Z-Boys to shuttle us around. Of course, the entire population is morbidly obese and can not even support their own weight. I'm beginning to think that his postulation is not too far off-base.

11 April 2009

Paleo in a Nutshell - Part I

Great summary of Paleo eating summarized in the video HERE.

Really summarizes all you need to know about proper nutrition.

Friday Slo-Mo

Still reading Body by Science and tried a slightly different routine at the gym, while hitting most of the Big 5 muscles. Went to the smith machine/squat rack and set the stops so as not to crush me.

- squats 135: really fried and tough. Heat went up immediately
- bench 135: not too bad, but not easy
- deadlift 135: tough to maintain movement vs prior work of explosive up, but maintained proper back alignment. Shins are developing stripes from draggin the weight up.
- mil press (universal) 70: difficult due to shoulder, wonder if DBs are a better option
- curls with bb 55

I didn't do these until positive failure as recommended in the book. Just did them until I felt I could not do another rep. Positive failure is something I'll have to work in next time for proper in-roads. Nonetheless, feeling the below baseline status today.

weight: 149 yesterday, 148 today.

09 April 2009

Body by Science Q&As

Still reading through the book Body by Science I mentioned here. Jeff was good enough to compile a bunch of questions to the good doctor which he has faithfully answered. Also Chris at Conditioning Research had a good Q&A with him as well.

Seems like a lot of people have the same questions and one of the themes mentioned and is discussed in the book is breaking the pyschological need to get to the gym several times per week. I am struggling with it. But his logic has enough merit to give it the college try. I just have to figure out what the Big 5 means to me.

148 on scale today and made the bacon meatloaf from Son of Grok again for dinner - experimented a bit more with the recipe by using 7 slices of bacon, ground my own almond meal to help as a binder, used 2 eggs (vs 1) and added cilantro. Tasty.

08 April 2009

Green Day

Another day of recovery from the gym. Good thing anyway considering the hectic day. 146.4 on scale this morning and continued to read through Body by Science.

Made mint and cilantro pesto with shrimp served over spinach leaves. Kind of a light dinner, though we powered through a pound of shrimp. First time ever I think I over did it on the garlic intake. We got some nice fat cloves from the store and they were very potent. No big deal, just will be using the pesto a little more sparingly on top of other foods in the next week.

07 April 2009

Sox Win!

Left work early to catch the Red Sox game. Beckett had 10k's and everyone was happy as they won 5-3.

Yesterday had a lighter day at the gym.
- Super Burpees: 8/8/8
- Renegade Rows w/25s: 8/8/8, strict form
- Floor wipers: 10/7/5
- Dips: 25/15/15

146.6 on scale yesterday, 145.6 on scale today.

Picked up the book Body by Science and am about 1/3 of the way through it. Immediate impression is that I am not giving my body enough recovery. More impressions to follow.

05 April 2009

Sunshine Sunday

Ahh yes...spring is here. Opening day for baseball tonite. 50F+ outside today but windy. Bike made it's maiden voyage for 2009. Out for about an hour and it was colder than it looked.

Anyway prior to that spent some time at the gym doing 5x5, again lighter weights but really focussed on intensity and explosive upward motion. No run today

- deadlifts: 135
- seated rows: 115
- lat pull dows: 100
- BB curls: 65
- DB curls: 30s
148 again on scale

As a side note, my gym I was recently sold to Gold's - ugh. Hello meatheads! They were putting up the new sign as I went on Friday and the Zuba pants are already showing up. I had to laugh today. I'm in the locker room getting changed and some big, but flabby dude comes over to his locker 2 down from me and slams down one of his 5" wide weight belts. Note he had two of them. I'm thinking he exchanged one for the other maybe to match his outfit better. Anyway, acting like a moron. Walking around all big and bad, but when he did some lat pull downs (after he got done the mandatory chest exercises like flys), he had to back the weight down from what I did. Hah!

Anyway, it's too bad. They gym is about 1.5 miles from the house and was never too busy. Maybe that's why they sold it to Golds. But there is literally another Golds 4 miles up the road. Maybe it is force out the competition and they raise prices.

04 April 2009


Had a few cups of Green Mountain Coffee, read the paper, handfull of nuts and then went to the gym. Probably do an intermittent fast today (nevermind the nuts).

Interval sprints, 2 min walk followed by 1 min run at 9/10/11/11/11 mph. Been a while since I did the full minute flavor and have been doing only 5 lately. So going to try to up the number of runs and speed back to where I was.

Been thinking about the various protocols and I agree with Mark that I need some order in my protocol plus I have been jumping around to different ones a little too often. I'll have to come up with a plan or something with planned randomness, cross fit, turbulence training or something thrown in for good measure.

So, did a 5x5 workout today with lighter weights to build up from. All felt pretty easy, so I focussed on slow down/explosive up.
- Squats: 135
- BB bench: 135
- DB lunges: 35
- DB incline press: 35
- Leg extensions (universal) 100

Followed it with 5 sets of dips - body weight only since there is no weight belt. For these I tried a range of repetition speeds just for ha-has.
i & ii) down and up at unregulated speed
iii) slow down/fast up: tried to catch air at the apex and maybe managed about 1/2 inch
iv) fast down/fast up: this is like the HIAH protocol and I can see where it is prone to injury for wrenching a shoulder
v) slow down/slow up: like the Body by Science method, glad I left this to the last set as it was really difficult but good to work into that protocol in the future.

148 on scale this morning.

Listened to some Jimmy Moore on the podcast while running and then switched to some Rise Against that my coworder Decarlo recommended. Of couse, their new album sounds a little too mainstream while their album The Sufferer and the Witness is more driving. Really amped during exercises.

03 April 2009

Friday Update

148 on scale - been a tough week with a few cheats here and there.

That aside, there's been some recent posts on the Book "Body by Science" by Doug McGuff described by Jimmy Moore in his podcast, by Keith of TTP fame here in Part I and again here in Part II, and tried out by Jeff here. Basically it is a short, but wicked intense workout where repetitions are done at a painfully slow rate - emphasis on pain, meaning burn. Do one set and try to hit the whole body. No rest for the fatigued with constant muscle tension.

My reps were at a count of 10 mississippi down and 10 mississippi up. For the exercises, I did some leg presses, bench presses, military presses, curls, and seated rows. All done on universal machines to failure. The burn is ridiculus and several exercises I was shaking pretty good. And this was with fairly light weight. Didn't count reps to much except to note if I only got 3 or 4 or if it seemed like more than 10. Highly suggest doing these on a universal (which is a slight downside) so that reps can be done to failure. Upside is I was in and out of the gym in less than 30 minutes, shower included.

For dinner tonite, got a chance to man the grill, despite the drizzle. Grilled some lime-cilantro chicken. Preheated the grill on high for a few minutes, seared one side for 1 minute, flipped over - essentially searing the other side, then turned the heat down to low. Grilled for about 12-15 minutes per side and it turned out fully cooked yet super moist. Fantastic. Steamed some leftover green and yellow squash that I julienned. Had some chocolate and nuts for desert. Have to keep that in check, though.

01 April 2009

Day Off, BF% Update

Taking a day off from the gym all together. 146.6 on scale this morning and took some caliper measurements. Took 3 measurements per location and averaged the readings:

ab: 16/14/14 = 14.7 mm
chest: 7/6/8 = 7.0 mm
thigh: 6/4/6 = 5.3 mm

Body fat calculated using this tool: 9.3%. About the same as earlier in the year. I'm thinking the last three weeks with work and some slippage had something to do with precluding entering the sub-9% range.