04 April 2009


Had a few cups of Green Mountain Coffee, read the paper, handfull of nuts and then went to the gym. Probably do an intermittent fast today (nevermind the nuts).

Interval sprints, 2 min walk followed by 1 min run at 9/10/11/11/11 mph. Been a while since I did the full minute flavor and have been doing only 5 lately. So going to try to up the number of runs and speed back to where I was.

Been thinking about the various protocols and I agree with Mark that I need some order in my protocol plus I have been jumping around to different ones a little too often. I'll have to come up with a plan or something with planned randomness, cross fit, turbulence training or something thrown in for good measure.

So, did a 5x5 workout today with lighter weights to build up from. All felt pretty easy, so I focussed on slow down/explosive up.
- Squats: 135
- BB bench: 135
- DB lunges: 35
- DB incline press: 35
- Leg extensions (universal) 100

Followed it with 5 sets of dips - body weight only since there is no weight belt. For these I tried a range of repetition speeds just for ha-has.
i & ii) down and up at unregulated speed
iii) slow down/fast up: tried to catch air at the apex and maybe managed about 1/2 inch
iv) fast down/fast up: this is like the HIAH protocol and I can see where it is prone to injury for wrenching a shoulder
v) slow down/slow up: like the Body by Science method, glad I left this to the last set as it was really difficult but good to work into that protocol in the future.

148 on scale this morning.

Listened to some Jimmy Moore on the podcast while running and then switched to some Rise Against that my coworder Decarlo recommended. Of couse, their new album sounds a little too mainstream while their album The Sufferer and the Witness is more driving. Really amped during exercises.


  1. Speaking of coffee - some one on the #primal channel on twitter mentioned adding some coconut oil to it. I think I am addicted...

  2. I've thought of adding coconut milk, but not oil. Right now I'm having some GMCR Island Coconut, so I may overdose on the tropical taste!