09 April 2009

Body by Science Q&As

Still reading through the book Body by Science I mentioned here. Jeff was good enough to compile a bunch of questions to the good doctor which he has faithfully answered. Also Chris at Conditioning Research had a good Q&A with him as well.

Seems like a lot of people have the same questions and one of the themes mentioned and is discussed in the book is breaking the pyschological need to get to the gym several times per week. I am struggling with it. But his logic has enough merit to give it the college try. I just have to figure out what the Big 5 means to me.

148 on scale today and made the bacon meatloaf from Son of Grok again for dinner - experimented a bit more with the recipe by using 7 slices of bacon, ground my own almond meal to help as a binder, used 2 eggs (vs 1) and added cilantro. Tasty.


  1. thanks for pointing Jeff's interview out - it is a good one.

  2. How did that work making your own almond meal? How did you do it? I thought about making my own once, but I thought it would make more almond butter instead flour.

  3. The almond meal helped a little bit as a binder. I just took about 1/2 bag of unsalted almonds and ground them up in the mini-processor until powdery. The tomato paste makes a good binder, but it is a little too tart for my taste, so I tend to cut it.