23 April 2009

Chicken, Run

Have not run in a while including sprints, so did 3 miles at a slower pace in 22:30. Same as about a week ago and slower than it had been in a while. Light exercises at the gym including:

- super burpees: 10/5/8, deliver dudes where hauling a cooler right underneath the pull up bar, so got derailed a bit
- renegade rows w/25#db: 8/8/8 still focussing on strict form
- floor wipers: 10/7/5, trying to get up to 3x10
- dips, slow down fast up: 10/10/10
- db snatch - meant to do these, but actually forgot....and I was looking forward to them

Made chicken cacciatore straight out of The Paleo Diet recipe section. Looked great, tasted a bit bland. Next time I add some white wine and garlic. Senya usually makes this and browns the chicken in evoo. I opted for the baked route.


  1. Senya is right. That is where the flava comes from. Browning first always better. :-)

  2. Hey bud, when are you gonna up the weight on those renegade babies :)


  3. 3 miles in sub 23:00 and it's a light jog huh? Fortunately I've found enough evidence through research which tells me to avoid long distance running at all costs. In fact, I came across a paper stating that "running for more than a mile really really blows...don't do it....ever." Actually, I've been hooking onto your list of blogs to the right-->
    and have found some great stuff regarding IF, Paleo eating, HGH (Free the Animal) and a few others. I made the "running blows" thing up..sorry.

    Floor Wipers are a staple for me..do them 2x a week in a BW Circuit...up to 15 in a set (very tough to increase).

    And once again, the food looks awesome!

  4. Yavor - I was actually thinking about that when I was doing those rows. Three sets of 8 was tough, but not too bad. I'll reach for the 30's next time and keep going until I barf.

    MikeZ - yes, I know the steady state running thing is not Paleo recommended, but it is my vice. Probably only about the 5th time this year I've done a steady run with the balance being interval sprints. I have this illogical compulsion to break 20 minutes for a 5k, and per McGuff's recommendation regarding a 'skill' or 'recreation' one should practice exactly that skill. Ergo, some increased activity on my part for steady state running.