11 April 2009

Friday Slo-Mo

Still reading Body by Science and tried a slightly different routine at the gym, while hitting most of the Big 5 muscles. Went to the smith machine/squat rack and set the stops so as not to crush me.

- squats 135: really fried and tough. Heat went up immediately
- bench 135: not too bad, but not easy
- deadlift 135: tough to maintain movement vs prior work of explosive up, but maintained proper back alignment. Shins are developing stripes from draggin the weight up.
- mil press (universal) 70: difficult due to shoulder, wonder if DBs are a better option
- curls with bb 55

I didn't do these until positive failure as recommended in the book. Just did them until I felt I could not do another rep. Positive failure is something I'll have to work in next time for proper in-roads. Nonetheless, feeling the below baseline status today.

weight: 149 yesterday, 148 today.

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