26 April 2009

Golf, Steak & Eggs

Played golf at Passaconaway Country Club (yeah they let degenerates like me on the course). Course rating: 73, fairly long front 9. Played fair on the front, but swing fell apart on the back 9. Didn't really keep score, but I'm guessing about a 120+ ouch. Completely out of touch with my range for hitting the irons, no feel for the chips and my drive was erratic. But all considered, not bad for not playing for two years. My coworker Decarlo shot 1 or 2 over par....bastahd.

Had a feast of grilled sirloin (balsamic marinate), roasted cauliflower (with evoo and garlic), steamed broccoli (with shredded parmesian) plus mutant strawberries for desert. From 3+ lb of meat, had about 1/2 lb leftover which went directly into breakfast with scrambled eggs, pico de gallo, and sauteed mushrooms as shown. Taking the day off from any formal exercise as I was feeling Friday's DOMS especially during the back 9 yesterday.

1 comment:

  1. Your golf game sounds about like mine...

    That chow looks fantastic.