19 April 2009

Loam II

Knocked out the rest of the loam pile. Next stage: hydroseeding. Other than that, only other physical activity was going to the driving range to hit some balls. Been almost 2 years since I swatted the pill due to wonky shoulder which kept me from it last year. Felt strange, but hit the ball fairly well. Maybe I've forgotten all bad habits. Still have issues with the driver. Going to keep that in the bag. Tanita scale said bf was 8.6%, but I've learned not to believe that.

1 comment:

  1. I hit the range on Sunday too. It was the first time I have swung a club in over a year (meaning first time since I went paleo). Man, I was killing the ball (other than the woods which I could never hit any ways). I was surprised. Too bad that won't translate to the course, but it felt cool nonetheless.