20 April 2009

Marathon Monday

No time for gym today, got sidetracked by meetings, etc., despite doing an intermittent fast. Had dinner out with friends at Legal Seafoods and stayed on the Paleo path, despite 1 Harpoon IPA.

113th Boston Marathon today. What is most important to me is that the Sox game started at 11 am and I could listen to it at work. Sox crushed the Orioles 12-1. But interesting to see the race results. Guy from Ethiopia (Deriba Merga, 5'6"/116#) won in 2:08:42 for an average pace of 4:55 minute mile. Un-friggin believable. Here's the splits from the official Boston Marathon site.

5k 0:14:34
10k 0:29:29
15k 0:44:45
20k 1:00:20
Half 1:03:39
25k 1:16:10
30k 1:30:59
35k 1:46:22
40k 2:01:24

So, here are a few pictures of him:

Now let's see another well known sprinter, Usain Bolt (6'5"/190). Look how ripped this guy is:

Although I'd have trouble running 1 mile at a sub 5-minute mile pace, I guess I'd rather look like Bolt than Merga.

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