13 April 2009

Recovery Monday

After yesterday's abuse, decided to do an all day IF. Still haven't eaten since about 7 last nite. Senya is making home made tomato sauce to serve with some meatballs from the butcher with some steamed broccoli.

At the gym, took a slow run for 3 miles in 22:32. Since a goal is still the sub-20 minute 5k, I'll be working this 'exercise' and skill a bit more into off days.

- super burpees: 10/8/6, shoulder twinged a little on pushups, so cut these short
- renegade rows, 25lb dbs, super strict 8/8/8
- floor wipers: 10/5/5. These are ridiculously tough
- DB snatch w/25lb db: 5 each arm x 3

In other news...
Sox tanking it in the early going. Currently losing to the A's.
But by my count US Seals: 3, Somali Pirates 0
And a sad note with the passing of Harry Kalas, long time Phillies announcer and sports voice of my youth. Best know for the HR call for Mike Schmidt:

"Swing and a long drive, there it is, number 500! The career 500th home run for Michael Jack Schmidt!"

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